Spider Symbolism: 30 Spiritual Meaning of Spider

Many of us have this fear of spiders which is why when we see them, our reactions become intense! But, did you know that these little creatures signify something relevant and applicable to your daily life?

In this article, we will discuss the spiritual meaning of spiders and how encountering them can impact our lives.

30 Spiritual Meaning of SpiderWhat Do Spiders Symbolize?

The greatest symbolism of spiders is weaving your web, which means making your dream into reality. Spiders teach you to make changes and make you realize that you are the one holding your destiny.

1. Artistry

Spiders are creative and skillful. They are patient in building their webs. No matter how long it may take, they are meticulous to make their home an art!

If one breaks their web, they will make a new one. This means that those with this spirit animal are gifted creatively with vivid imaginations.

Generally, they already know how to put into action their imaginations. This is not just about art but it is also about other life skills such as cooking, medical procedures, and outdoor activities that require creativity.

2. Manifestation

Spiders are a symbol of manifestation. They have the power to manifest and attract positivity in life. Those with a spider animal are genuine. 

In life, if there are times when you feel down, call this spirit animal and manifest reconciliation and positivity.

3. Patience

Weaving takes a lot of time. Research suggests that it may take 1-4 days for a spider to complete a fully-functional web that it can use to trap its prey.

When humans or environmental events come along and break it, the spider will work and build again. The spider is not deterred. Instead, it is patient and determined.

4. Female empowerment

In the world of spiders, females are the ones with more power. Aside from power, according to a study from Uruguay, females are larger and live longer compared to males. They can defend themselves, making them a symbol of feminine energy.

Ancient wisdom

5. Ancient wisdom

According to a study from the United Kingdom, spiders have lived on earth for more than 300 million years, and this makes them the symbol of ancient wisdom. 

They are old souls that have experienced many changes in life during that period. This means that spiders are open-minded and can understand how life goes.

6. Balance

Spider decorations are usually seen during Halloween to scare kids and even adults! Although they are tiny, these creatures are venomous.

Although they can kill, they can also support life by keeping the natural ecosystems in balance.

7. Interconnection

The “World Wide Web” is based on the interconnection being given by spiders. They symbolize networks, unity, family relationships, and other affiliations.

8. Illusion

These web weavers embody illusion skills. They are confident to act properly to get what they desire. For example, according to a study from Austria, spiders can manipulate UV light signals and they do this to attract bees so that they can prey on them easily.

Encountering Spiders Meaning

Encountering Spiders Meaning

When you encounter a spider, it may mean something in your life. These days, it is rare to see spiders. Thus, you have to take note of it and reflect on what it is trying to tell you. 

1. Black widow spider in your home

If you see one in your home, this can mean domestic life changes and personality reflection. If you are anxious, this spirit animal may be telling you to take a look at your shadow self and how you act at home. 

If you are stressed, this spirit animal is confirming that you are secure and positive. You just have to continue this behavior in your home life.

2. Spider crossing your path

It is impossible to ignore a spider in front of you. When you see one, they are telling you to contemplate and shake off the negative assertions in your life. 

A spider might be telling you to let go of the things that hold you back from doing the things you want. 

Sometimes, a spider crossing your path also means you are going to meet someone unworthy. This means that a spider may symbolize future situations caused by decisions in your current situation.

3. Spider’s web encounter

When you take a deep look at a spider’s web, you will see its beauty. At a closer view, you will see how these little creatures have crafted their home. Once you feel their significance, there is a meaning which is being shown to you.

One is to connect yourself to creativity and the second one is to combine strength and fragility. 

In life, no matter what big storm is about to come, always remember that you can always weather it.

4. Spider falling on you

It is normal to get shocked when these many-legged creatures fall on you but think deeper – a spider landing on you means it is about time to manage your emotions.

No matter what struggles land on you, learn to balance your emotion and mind. Regain your sense of equilibrium and use these opportunities to grow better as a person.

When a spider falls from the ceiling, this may mean bad luck.

5. Spider on your hair

The meaning of spiders on your hair is self-expression. Learn to connect your thoughts and your emotions.

A spider on your hair also encourages trusting your instincts. Some people say that your instinct will tell you that following them will lead you to the right decision. If you see a spider on your hair, this might be a sign to truly follow your gut.

6. Spider bites

When you get bitten by a spider, it may mean that someone might want to deceive you. This can also mean circumstances related to your work or personal life. Learn to spot the warning signs that can cause some trouble for you.

Spiders and Religion Significance

Spiders and Religion Significance

In Christianity, there is a story about David who hides from King Saul in a cave. A spider is thought to use its web across the entrance to protect David.

Generally, a spider is represented as a humble yet exalted tiny creature. It symbolizes vulnerability, diligence, humility, and power.

In Hinduism, spiders are considered Maya (illusion) and the creator of life.

Spider Tattoo Meaning

Getting a spider tattoo means you value art and imagination. Additionally, some people associate spider symbolism with connection, positivity, and helpful actions to recreate a world full of hope.

Spiders and Color Symbolism

Spiders and Color Symbolism

The color of spiders can also offer significance. According to a psychologist from the United Kingdom, colors are rich in symbolism.

1. Black spiders

Black symbolizes mystery and rebellion. Encountering a black spider means that you should learn privacy and discretion. These black spiders include the following:

  • Black widow spiders
  • Black house spiders
  • Jumping spiders
  • Black mouse spiders
  • Black tarantulas

Sometimes black spiders also mean focusing on yourself first before others so that you can be more efficient in helping the ones you love in the future.

2. Brown spiders

Brown is associated with security and stability. When you get to see one, this is a reminder that you should keep your feet on the ground. Some of these spiders include the following:

  • Tarantulas
  • Wolf spiders
  • Brown recluse

Brown spiders also symbolize honor. This means going back to the people who helped you to blossom emotionally, physically, and financially.

3. White spiders

The color white signifies simplicity and purity. Encountering a white spider is an invitation for you to embrace simplicity. Some of these white spiders include:

  • Crab spiders
  • White recluse spiders
  • White-banded fishing spiders

White spiders also encourage you to clear your thoughts and fill them with something more meaningful and pure.

4. Red spiders


Red is a symbol of power, energy, good fortune, and passion. This is the reason why many wealthy people wear long red dresses at luxurious events. Some of these red spiders include the following:

  • Red house spiders
  • Red jumping spiders
  • Red widow spiders
  • Red orb-weavers

When you encounter a red spider, this is a sign for you to protect yourself, the people you love, and the possessions you treasure.

Red spiders

5. Orange and yellow spiders

Orange symbolizes joy, good luck, and wellness. If you encounter an orange spider, you may want to redirect yourself to a healthier lifestyle. Some of these orange and yellow spiders include the following:

  • Pumpkin spiders
  • Marbled orb-weavers
  • Orange hair spiders
  • Yellow sac spiders
  • Golden garden spiders
  • Goldenrod crab spiders
  • Blunt-spiked kite spiders
  • Wasp spiders

Take note that changing your lifestyle means choosing better options in your diet and choosing the right people you want yourself to be surrounded with.

6. Green spiders

Green symbolizes growth and financial abundance. When you encounter one, there is a possible abundance that is about to come into your life. Some of these green spiders are the following:

  • Lynx spiders
  • Green orb-web spiders
  • Green striped spiders
  • Magnolia green jumper

Abundance may be related to fertility, work, and wealth. So, when you see a green spider, manifest and attract positivity.

7. Blue spiders

Blue signifies trust. If you ever get into a conflict, learn to take the high road and keep in mind that you know better. Some of these blue spiders include the following:

  • Blue tarantulas
  • Blue jumping spiders
  • Blue wolf spider

Blue may also mean wisdom to live up to higher principles.

8. Purple spiders

Purple symbolizes royalty and devotion. Seeing one is a sign that you can reach your goals with determination. Some of these purple spiders include the following:

  • Purple tree tarantula
  • Purple jumping spider
  • Purple grass spider

Gray spiders also symbolize patience and receptivity. Like these spiders, you must understand that you cannot be successful overnight.

9. Gray spiders

Gray symbolizes balance and calmness. When you see one, it may mean that you need to calm down to help yourself get through the hard times. Some of these gray spiders include the following:

  • American house spider
  • Gray widow spider
  • Cellar spider or daddy long legs

In life, it is easy to get into drama which leads to stress and anxiety. To get through it, learn to collect yourself first.

10. Multi-colored spiders

Multi-colored spiders usually look like peacocks and because of their beauty, they symbolize love and diversity. When you encounter one, it means that you are about to find the answers you are looking for.

Spider Spirit Animal

Spider Spirit Animal

Having this spirit animal means you are an ancient soul. You know how to manage your life circumstances because of the support of your friends and families.

Even if you have nothing left, you can stand up and build so much more. Interestingly, other people will be inspired by your ability to cope with life. 

Spider Totem Animal

Having a spider totem means balance and determination to pursue dreams no matter what may happen. Calling this totem animal is helpful for those who want to stimulate creativity and share their knowledge with others.

Spider Power Animal

Spider power animal signifies your ability to transform your life because of your attributes and behaviors. 

You can call the spider power animal when you want to visualize your skills, work on your relationship, and reconcile with others. 

Global Spider Symbolism

Many people from different countries have different mythology, beliefs, and folktales when it comes to spiders.

  • In Greek mythology, a maiden named Arachne is very skillful in weaving. Many people in her village even say that she is better than the goddess Athena. Because of these, Athena challenged her. After the competition, Athena was mesmerized by Arachne’s skill. However, Athena was jealous which is why she broke Arachne’s creatures. Eventually, Arachne was heartbroken and killed herself. Thus, Athena turned Arachne and all her descendants into spiders that will weave webs forever.
  • In native American culture, spiders are thought to be the ones who gave birth to the alphabet.
  • In India, spiders teach lessons to help you endure the circumstances of reality. Additionally, spiders also encourage people to always be grateful.
  • In ancient Egypt, a spider is associated with the goddess Neith – the weaver and spinner of destiny.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, spiders bring different messages that can help you focus on your present to achieve a greater future.

Generally, spiders offer good omens that bring positivity to yourself, the people around you, and the world.

Spiders are patient, tiny creatures that teach you how to keep and make your destiny.

30 Spiritual Meaning of Spider

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