What Do Bullfrogs Eat? (Diet & Facts)

If you’ve walked alongside a pond or wetlands recently, you’ve probably come across the bullfrog. Known for their appearance, unique style of movement, and the sounds they make, these amphibians play a vital role in

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What Do Orangutans Eat? (Diet & Facts)

Orangutans are a beautiful species that have captivated millions around the world with their beauty and brightly coloured fur. Many name them as being their favourite animal, but you may

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What Do Elephant Seals Eat? (Diet & Facts)

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If you’ve ever seen the classic cartoon show the Looney Tunes, you might be familiar with a speedy bird that always outruns Wile E. Coyote. While the antics were for

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What Do Carnivores Eat? (Diet & Types)

When we talk about carnivore animals, most people get more or less the same image flashing behind their eyes almost immediately – that of a large wild cat or a

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20 Animals That Eat Rabbits

Rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) are small mammals with a high metabolic rate that belong to the Leporidae family. Since they eat grass, twigs, clovers, barks, and other plant material, rabbits are almost at the bottom of the food


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When people think of pest control, they often think of pesticides, scarecrows, and fenced-in gardens. But did you know that the hornet is actually one of the best forms of pest control that

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What Do Lemurs Eat? (Diet & Facts)

According to a study from the International Journal of Primatology, lemurs are one of the most studied primates. One great thing about these animals is that they know how to