Online vs Physical Stores – Where to Shop for Pets?

Pets – the ultimate source of happiness. I don’t know how, but I believe pets tend to read our minds. When we’re sad, they do something intentionally that makes us laugh. And when we’re relaxing, they would do something to increase our work.

Anyway, whatever they do, they’re always loveable. And for anyone that got hooked by pets once, there’s no coming back.

Pets, for all the right reasons, demand undivided attention. And when not given any, they take out their anger,  wrecking and ruining anything in their way, in any way possible.

That’s when we realize it’s better to gift them something. Something that they would enjoy playing with. And when the time comes, they’d destroy that, without any fear.

However, shopping for pets is the real problem. Often, pet owners are confused about whether to go online or physical stores, as both offer unique benefits.

So, how about we do a cost-benefit analysis of the two? To find out the optimum approach when it comes to shopping for your pets?

Without further ado, let’s start.

  1. Online Stores
  2. Pros of Online Stores
  3. Cons of Online Stores
  4. Physical Stores
  5. Pros of Physical Stores
  6. Cons of Physical Stores
  7. Bottom Line

Online Stores:

E-commerce has been on the rise for quite some time now, and rightly so. Now more than ever, more people prefer to shop online. Let’s look at how online shopping benefits you while shopping for your pets.

But before that, know that a stable internet connection is a must when it comes to online shopping. You don’t want an unstable connection to hamper your shopping experience for sure.

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Pros of Online Stores:

  • The first and foremost is time-saving. Pet owners rarely find time for themselves. Their pets, turning the house upside down, keep them super busy.

Accessing online stores enables pet owners to browse thousands of options to buy from. Moreover, they can pay on the go and get the products delivered to their doorsteps.

Apart from this, what else do they wish for?

  • The second benefit is the unlimited number of options that come with online shopping. Pet owners can’t take their pets everywhere. Moreover, leaving them on their own in the house is a gamble too.
  • We usually lose track of time when we shop for ourselves. In the pet’s case, your approach shouldn’t be different. Instead of walking down from one aisle to another, simply pick up your phone and start browsing online. This way, you may find the perfect fit for your pet.
  • Everyone has work to do, and that consumes our energy. However, pets don’t understand it sometimes. Also, as a pet owner, it feels guilty not to take out time for them.
  • As online shopping saves time, we can easily direct that time to our pets. Cuddle, play, train, or do whatever with them. In short, online shopping lets us have quality time to spend with our pets.

However, online shopping isn’t all about the benefits. There are some grave cons too that you should keep in mind. These are:

Cons of Online Stores:

Cons of Online Stores

  • Although, there’s a possibility that you find coupons or vouchers in online stores. But there’s no surety that its reverse won’t happen. Most times, online stores charge more than physical stores.
  • Simply because most customers believe what is said to them without investigating, they pay the amount, only to know later that the product wasn’t worth the price.
  • Sometimes, e-commerce stores don’t deliver the products on time. While that adds to the frustration, pray that they don’t deliver the wrong or damaged product.
  • While there’s a little assurance that you’ll get the products you ordered. There’s even little chance of getting a refund in many cases. It may not happen when dealing with an authentic dealer, but finding an authentic dealer is itself an ordeal.

Moving on, let’s look at what the physical stores have to offer.

Physical Stores:

People have preferred physical shopping for centuries. So, there has to be something right about them. Let’s find out some of its benefits.

Physical Stores

Pros of Physical Stores:

  • Physical shopping comes with a personalized experience. You can touch, feel, and know if the product is worth the price. Moreover, if your pet doesn’t show tantrums when outside, take it with you. This way, you’ll know if your pet really likes it or not.
  • Unlike online shopping, the chances of scams and fraud are less in physical shopping.
  • Some products are covered by a warranty. So, if your product doesn’t work as it should, you can get it replaced, hassle-free.

Cons of Physical Stores:

  • We all dread long queues, don’t we? And with our super-friendly pet beside us, things can go south in no time.
  • Physical shopping may be fun till you don’t find what you came for. Most times, popular products are out-of-stock and there’s no way to know it. Except to go there and find it out on your own. So, if that’s the case (which it is at most times), it’ll waste your time, energy, and gasoline too.

Bottom Line:

Pets don’t want to hear about online or physical shopping. They’re only interested in getting something to play and torment. For that, you can choose either online or physical medium to shop, whatever suits your style.

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