Snake Symbolism: 25 Spiritual Meanings Of Snake

Snakes are considered venomous animals. When you get to encounter them, it’s either you escape or trap them.

However, did you know that these animals represent many things in life? In this article, we will discuss the meaning of snakes and what they try to tell you when you encounter them in dreams or in real life.

25 Spiritual Meanings Of Snake

What Do Different Snake Types Mean?

There are different species of snakes and these come with different colors and behaviors. Some have poison and some do not. However, when you encounter a snake, the meaning will depend on the type.

1. Adder snake

When Adder snakes show up, they represent responsibility and benevolence. Generally, snakes, especially those that come with venoms, are powerful. Thus, if you encounter one, it is encouraging you to use your power appropriately.

Additionally, you should learn how to set boundaries if you want to gain respect from other people.

2. Anaconda snake

When you encounter an anaconda, you might want to learn how to control your emotions. According to a study from Malaysia, anacondas are one of the deadliest animals in the world and they attack humans when they feel that they are being chased.

In real life, there are times when you fail to control your emotions. Eventually, this can harm not only others but yourself as well. So, before you express anger or other negative emotions, learn to be calm and then, that would be the time for you to act.

3. Asp snake bites meaning

When asp snakes appear in front of you, you should learn to be cautious of what you do. Sometimes, the things you do can attack you one day.

For example, you get into a new group of friends. As days pass by, this group of friends of yours starts to do things that are not helpful for your health. Since you are now a part of it, you will be joining their acts without realizing that these behaviors will harm you one day.

4. Boa constrictor

When you encounter a boa constrictor, this might be a sign for you to let go of the people or things you hold on to dearly. This snake reminds you that you are already suffocating these people and you are becoming a hindrance to them to succeed in life.

Although you are protective, just like a snake, you should let these people learn from their mistakes.

5. Cobra meaning

Cobras symbolize warning and alertness. When you encounter one, you have to be ready for upcoming opportunities. Take advantage of these opportunities while others are too busy with other things.

Furthermore, these serpents also encourage you to accept your fears and doubts. You should learn how to accept failures and use these to grow and bloom.

6. Copperhead snakes

Copperhead snakes symbolize healing. When you encounter one, you might want to accept your fate and move forward with your plans.

In life, there are days when you regret your past decisions. However, this snake is trying to tell you that you should stand up and make the most out of your situation.

7. Corn snake symbolism

Like the mountain goats, these serpents signify courage. If you want to change your life or if you want transformation, you should learn how to climb new heights and go on new adventures. If you learn how to do this, you can move swiftly and achieve your goals in no time.

Corn snake

8. Cottonmouth snake and rebirth

Cottonmouth snakes represent a new beginning. However, if you want this new life, you have to heal your mind and body from your past traumas.

In life, there are times when you just can move on from things and people who have done so much damage to your life. However, staying in the cave where they left you will not help you grow.

So, if you want to move on, you have to let go of these terrors. Eventually, this will give way for you to land on new places, people, and opportunities.

9. Garter snake

When you encounter a garter snake, this means you have already mastered the art of moving on. You are in the next chapter of your life so you should be acting as soon as possible while the opportunities are still present.

10. Milk Snake

When you encounter milk snakes, this may signify immunity. In life, people will bad-mouth you and tell you many things that would break you. However, these sharp words no longer affect you because you already know how to ignore them.

If you get to encounter one, try to become less sensitive whenever people drag you down. Remember, these people drag you because you are in a higher position than them.

11. Pythons and transformation

If you ever encounter pythons, this is a reminder that you are a powerful individual and you can handle anything. However, be reminded that this power of yours is not completely nurtured, thus, you have to work on it as well.

Furthermore, pythons also signify transformation. According to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, snakes can shed their skin 4-12 times a year.

Thus, encountering one, especially pythons, means you have to shed your old skin to bloom. One of the ways you can do this is by resting, healing, and reflecting.

12. Rat snake

Encountering rat snakes means you are about to make progress towards your goals. But, you have to continuously put in efforts to attain them. Remember, everything is now within the reach but if you fail to do your part, you will go back to square one.

Encountering a rat snake also means intuition. You can interact with the people or situation present in front of you but you should always use your gut when it comes to trusting them.

13. Rattlesnakes

Based on the book Rattlesnake Toxicity, these snakes use their rattles to scare off possible predators. These animals use this feature to show their aggressiveness, and when you encounter one, you should learn how to respect boundaries to avoid conflicts.

Moreover, rattlesnakes represent energy and auras. When you get to see one, you should remind yourself to always trust your gut no matter how strange your intuition seems.

14. Viper serpents

Viper serpents signify hypocrisy, slander, and maliciousness. When you encounter one, it is a sign that someone around you is trying to fool you and you should not trust this person. So, if you get to identify this person, try to engage less with him or her.

Viper serpents

Global Meaning of Snakes

According to a study from Washington, snakes are abundant all over the world. However, when it comes to their meanings, different countries have different beliefs.

1. Native American Symbolism

In native American tribes, snakes are associated with lighting and speed because of their deadly power. Aside from symbols of life and rebirth, many tribes also consider these animals as protectors.

Furthermore, native Americans also consider snakes as signs of secrets, fertility, rain, healing, renewal, life, and death.

2. Eastern Symbolism

People in India worship these animals during the fifth month of the Hindu calendar. They symbolize soul and life like how Buddha was saved by a serpent while Buddha was meditating.

During that time, people are prohibited from killing snakes. Instead, these snakes are taken care of by feeding them milk.

Moving on, in Japan, these animals are considered deities because of their ability to molt. Also, they are connected with agrarian worship or rice and the water god.

In China, serpents represent evil and sycophancy. There are some thoughts that elves, fairies, and demons often transform themselves into snakes to release their wrath on the world.

3. Celtic Snake Meaning

Despite the absence of these reptiles in Ireland, in Celtic literature, snakes are considered legends and they symbolize fertility in men as they can produce a large number of offspring. Additionally, according to a study from Greece, in Celtic culture, a snake is also a symbol of healing and protection.

4. Snakes in Greek Myths

In ancient Greece, snakes represent good luck that can shoo away evilness. In Greek mythology, there is also Medusa, a venomous human snake that can turn anyone into stone when they look into her eyes.

Although Medusa is not initially evil, Athena gave her this consequence because of Medusa’s celibacy. So, although snakes are good charms in Greece, there are also times when they symbolize evil.

Lastly, there is also Ouroboros. This is an icon of a serpent eating its own tail. Today, Ouroboros signifies eternity.

5. Meaning of Snakes in Hindu

In Hinduism, snakes symbolize prosperity, fertility, and healing. There is Manasa Devi, the Hindu Goddess that possesses all the slithery creatures. Not only does she have 4 arms but also has this crown full of cobras.

6. Snakes and Christianity: The Garden of Eden

In the Bible, specifically the book of Genesis, Satan is represented by a serpent. While Eve, the wife of Adam, is in the garden of Eden, this serpent tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit and this was the start of God’s disappointment and passing of the sin of human ancestors. This means that snakes can signify temptation as well.

There is another story from the Bible called The Copper Serpent. In this story, Israelites have spoken against God and Moses. As a result, Jehovah sends these poisonous snakes to punish them.

When they accepted their sins, Jehovah instructed Moses to tell the people that if a snake bit them, they would look at the copper snake pole and they would be well again.

Lastly, in the Bible, Caduceus is a symbol of medicine. This means healing and forgiveness.

Snake Spirit Animal

Snake Spirit Animal

Having a snake spirit animal means change. There are only a few people who can possess this transformation spirit that is needed for growth. If you have this spirit animal, you are a healer and you are ready to accept new environments.

Those with this spirit animal have this Kundalini inside them. They are also feminine and understand meditation and self-realization. They know how to guide other people to transform as well.

Whenever you are about to step into a new place, call this spirit animal to guide you as you move to positive changes.

Snake Totem Animal

Having this totem animal is very rare. Once you have it, you become strong-willed, vibrant, and sensitive. If you feel like you are in a near-death experience, call this totem animal to revive and heal you.

Eventually, once you have it, you will learn how to balance many areas in your life. Although you will start a new cycle, you will get through all the difficulties that are bound to come.

Snake Power Animal

Having this snake power animal means communion with the earth. You know how to prevent dangers and relationships that can damage you in the long run. When you feel exhausted, you know how to regenerate and start afresh.

Meaning of A Snake Tattoo

When you get a snake tattoo, the meaning depends on what part of the snake is used. If the snake’s eyes are tattooed, they usually represent belonging to a group. If you have a white snake tattoo, this may signify mistrust and suspicion.

If you have a cobra tattoo, this represents power, wisdom, sexuality, and healing. Generally, snake tattoos symbolize being wise and learning transformation.

Some people also get the Staff of Asclepius, the god of healing, as a tattoo. This snake with a rod is a pharmacy symbol that represents medicine. Aside from Asclepius, the Staff of Hermes is also tattooed.

Dreaming of Snakes Meanings

Dreaming of Snakes Meanings

When you dream of snakes, there are messages for you. However, take note of how these snakes move as different movements provide different meanings.

1. Intertwined snakes

Dreaming of intertwined snakes signifies confusion. This means that you should identify your emotions and what causes your distress. Your confusion will not be addressed if you do not know the cause of it.

2. Coiled snake dream

If you dream of a coiled snake, it may represent opportunities. If the snake is colored red, you should take these opportunities with care. If the snake is colored green, the opportunities are beyond your expectations.

3. Dreaming of ascending snakes

Dreaming of ascending snakes is a positive sign. These snakes moving upwards represent healing, transformation, wisdom, self-renewal, and spiritual enlightenment.

Additionally, when you dream of these, it may also mean that you should learn to stand up and convert your dark sides into strengths.

4. Injured or dead snake meaning

If you dream of a dead or injured snake, take this as a warning to move quickly in a positive direction, or else, you will lose. Do not cling to the past as this will only delay you from moving forward.

Final Thoughts

Not all snake symbolisms are negative. Most people think that snakes are a representation of the devil, but they are actually not.

Instead, these serpents promote rebirth and healing, feminine power, and a positive soul. If you have this snake spirit, you have the ability to grow independently as you know how to adapt to non-stop changes in this uncertain world.

25 Spiritual Meanings Of Snake

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