Fish symbolism 

15 Spiritual Meanings Of Fish

The fish is one of the oldest creatures in this world. Fish have been a source of food for humanity for the longest time, but they have an important spiritual

owl symbolism

20 Spiritual Meanings of Owl

Quite exceptional in the world of birds, that even non-specialists cannot mistake it for any other species, the owl has always intrigued and fueled the human imagination. Therefore, it is

goat symbolism

13 Spiritual Meanings of Goat

The goat is one of the first animals humans managed to domesticate, so it is not surprising that the goat symbolism goat is present in many folk tales and myths

lark symbolism

11 Spiritual Meanings of Lark

If you’ve never seen a lark, identifying it may seem like a guessing game. Yet if you hear a beautiful song from the sky, you should take heed as this

albatross symbolism

7 Spiritual Meanings Of Albatross

If you’ve ever been out on the open ocean, you may have seen an albatross flying about. These large birds have white feathers and long wings, and since human beings

pig symbolism

12 Spiritual Meanings of Pig

There is a specific spiritual meaning and symbolism connected to each animal. Across numerous cultures, pigs represent a wide range of concepts. In fact, we often associate pigs with gluttony


30 Spiritual Meanings Of Scorpion

Are you scared of scorpions? Have you always wondered if they have any special meaning attached to them? Scorpions are known for their powerful sting all through the world and

kingbird symbolism

11 Spiritual Meanings of Kingbird

Birds have a wide variety of symbolic meanings in many distinct cultures. On the contrary, it is the existence of such species that tickles our interest and entices us to

squirrel symbolism

6 Spiritual Meanings of Squirrel

Squirrels are some of the most resourceful and interesting survivors of the natural world. Despite – or rather thanks to – human urbanization of the land and deforestation of the earth, squirrels can


16 Spiritual Meanings Of Bull

If you’ve ever been on a farm, it’s likely you’ve seen a bull. These beautiful creatures have been interacting with mankind for centuries, and since the relationship between man and