Unicorn Symbolism: 11 Spiritual Meanings Of Unicorn

Have you been wondering what a unicorn symbolizes? Have you ever dreamt of a unicorn and wanted to know what it means? Do you have any other unanswered questions about a unicorn? Then you are at the right place.

This article is set to explain what a unicorn symbolizes, its meaning in a dream, and how different cultures view it so you can understand what seeing a unicorn represents in your life.

Unicorn has captured the imagination of humans all through the earth. This is a result of its unique and captivating look. A unicorn is a mythical creature capable of endless transformation.

Unicorn symbolism

Unicorn symbolism and meaning

The symbolism that this creature represents differs in terms of culture and people. Many cultures attribute unicorns to purity, freedom, health, magic, innocence, and mysticism. Unicorn also stands as a symbol of joy and life. Many cultures believe that seeing this magical creature is about joy.

Being a symbol and upholder of purity, only virgins could approach it. This is because virgins are untainted and pure. The unicorn is also believed to represent transformation, especially among the greeks. This results from their power to pass between the world and transcend boundaries.

A unicorn is widely known as a symbol of innocence and purity. This creature can only be tamed by virgins which means it holds purity and innocence in high esteem. It also visits those who have a pure heart.

The unicorn’s horn and hair are unique. It has just one straight horn like the narwhal. Legend has it that this horn possesses spiritual and healing power. Several stories suggest that touching a unicorn’s horn will bring healing to all ailments. Hence, rich people strife to get the horn to get protection from bad luck and extend their lifespan.

Hairs from the unicorn’s tail and body were used for healing concoctions, while its hair could prolong long life. The unicorn also symbolizes masculinity and male power.

Unicorn symbolism in Native America

The native American people believe that the unicorn is a fierce and powerful animal. The people of this culture even created a masculine unicorn spirit that a virgin can only tame. The native American people are the custodian of unicorn cave paintings, and these people told different stories and myths about the unicorn.

This culture also believes that unicorns represent male vitality and the masculine spirit. This similar perception is shared among the people of England.

Unicorn Eastern symbolism 

Unicorn Eastern symbolism 

The Eastern unicorn symbolism is often linked with China. The Chinese unicorn, also known as the Zhi, is the symbol of Justice in China. This is because, like unicorns, man longs for ideal justice. They believe the symbolism that unicorns represent originated from China and then spread to other parts of Asia.

The Chinese unicorn symbolizes protection against evil, good fortune, faith, and impartial justice. The people of China are popularly known for gifting white unicorns. This is because white symbolizes incorruptibility, immortality, purity, and innocence.

Unicorn symbolism in Africa

Generally, the unicorn is a symbol of the rank of the emperor and princes in Africa. Among certain tribes in Africa, the unicorn is a symbol of the sun and is worshipped by those who believe in it. In African mythology, it is believed that this creature is a hybrid made of a tail of a lion, an antelope’s leg, a rhinoceros horn, and a horse’s body.

They also believed that the unicorn combined the characteristics and traits of all these animals. In addition, they believe that catching a unicorn could grant you all your heart’s desires.

Unicorn symbolism in Celtic

The Celtic people of Europe have an important symbolism attached to a unicorn. To them, the unicorn stands for magic, fertility, dream, gentleness, nature, innocence, endurance, and purity. They believed that the unicorn is a very virtuous creature and that it could steal a single glance at a person to know how virtuous they are.

Celts believed in magic and that the human world is connected with that of animals and magical beings like goblins, fairies, and elves. They believe unicorns should be the zodiac sign of people born between July 4th and August 8th. These people are now classified under the cancer zodiac sign.

Like the unicorn, they are natural caregivers, kind, loyal, intelligent, generous, and of service to others.

Unicorn symbolism in Christianity

Etymologically, the word unicorn is from two Latin words, Unus and Cornus, which means one and horn, respectively. In the Bible, the unicorn symbolizes a masculine spirit that the Virgin Mary could only capture. The image of a unicorn represents Christ’s incarnation. The unicorn’s majesty, power, and exaltation were explained in the old testament.

Also, in the book of Job, the unicorn is undefeated by man and irresistible in might and power. The unicorn’s horn also symbolizes salvation, power, and glory. Christ is the power of God, which means he is the unicorn on the ground with one horn, a typical power of the father.

Unicorn in dreams

Have you ever wondered what it means when you dream about a unicorn? When a unicorn is your dream companion, it can suggest that this creature is your guide and protector. It can also suggest that you have an out-of-body encounter.

The unicorn spirit often delivers messages to us via dreams. This creature only appears to those who are genuine and honest in the dream. It also shows up in your dream when you are confused and full of doubt. So, consider yourself lucky if a unicorn appears to you in the dream.

On the other hand, if you dream about a unicorn running away from you, you need to check yourself. It signifies a sense of loss of innocence. It means that your trust has been broken, and you are finding it hard to fix this. In addition, when you dream of a unicorn running toward you, you are about to start a new relationship or go on a trip.

Unicorn dreams are often associated with purity, idealized love, magical consciousness, and lust. When you dream of a unicorn, you need to ask yourself whether you are ready to align your spiritual nature with your physical nature. If you dream of sitting on a unicorn’s back, it is a sign that you are about to experience love, faith, and freedom.

Unicorn spirit animal

Unicorn spirit animal

If a unicorn is your spirit animal, it will always stand as a reminder that you can see the world’s true wonders. It is also a reminder that you should reclaim your childhood faith and embrace creativity. When this creature comes to you as your spirit animal, it will help you eliminate any negative vibe attached to your aura.

It may also serve as a guide to direct you towards harnessing your psychic gift. It is a reminder that countless opportunities and knowledge are available to us via various mystical practices. Your abilities will get tied to a blessing when these opportunities are appropriately channeled.

The unicorn spirit guide is also a source of encouragement. It appears to you when you are going through tough times. It brings a message from the divine realm or the angels to prop you up and encourage you. At this time, it advises you to feed your soul with pure intentions alone. Be open to positive energy and let the healing process begin.

A unicorn spirit animal belongs to someone who is powerful, beautiful, and spiritually enlightened. It also tells you that your financial and material trouble is ending, and you are about to experience inexhaustible riches. If a unicorn is your spirit animal, you must unlock your hobbies and creative pursuits you have suppressed for a long.

Unicorn power animal

Tap into unicorns being your power animal when you want closer contact with all sorts of magical creatures. Unicorns know where all magical creatures reside and how to reveal them to your senses magically. Unicorn is empowered with the ability to awaken and inspire your psych self.

When it feels like your psych charm is weakening, reach out to unicorns for focus and renewal. Unicorn helps to reconnect you with your inner child. Whenever you are growing cold towards the world, and its wonders, tap into the power of a unicorn to recharge you. Once you regain that energy, you begin to feel on top of the world.

Unicorns also bestow a sense of innocence upon you. As a power animal, a unicorn can heal you of all ailments. The horn of this creature serves healing purposes; allow it to shine pure white light into your inner being. Embrace this light with open arms and gladness.

Unicorn totem animal

Unicorn totem animal

A unicorn is known for always traveling and covering a great distance. If a unicorn is your totem, then you’ll be quite a traveler both in the real world and the spirit realm. Also, you’ll have a great intuitive sense; you know what to do, where to go, how to get there, and why you are headed there.

People with a unicorn totem have a clear air surrounding them. Naturally, they are extremely wise, and they leave people gossiping about how their wisdom is beyond their years. They also have pure spirit and intention. A person with a unicorn totem considers virtue first in whatever they do.

They will never tolerate negative energy, resentment, discord, anger, or other attributes that can taint their pure image. If a unicorn is your spirit animal, you love cooperation and unity and will go to any length to achieve that. You naturally know about the spiritual pathway where you can get advice from the divine, devas, and your higher self.

You have the unicorn energy within you, and it will naturally attract you to the deep forest. This is where you can renew your mind and get good rest. You also hate too much noise as it disturbs your sense of happiness. A unicorn person also believes in the sanctity of marriage. If you are with a partner, it is for life.

You also have a vast auric field that looks like a flight of fairies dancing with different kinds of light. When your aura spill into that of someone else, it brings a sense of acceptance, laughter, and joy. A unicorn person is a leader, someone who is born to serve others. They are diplomats, highly respected healers, and an embodiment of gratitude and peace.

Unicorn tattoo symbolism

Are you considering getting a unicorn tattoo and wondering if anything special is attached to it? Having this creature encrypted on your body will stand as a constant reminder of spirituality, ancient wisdom, faith, higher consciousness, imagination, love, innocence, purity, creativity, power, magic, and mystery.

The tattoo of a unicorn also signifies feminity since this creature is often attached to virginity and purity. These virtues are centered more around women in ancient times and modern society. The unicorn also symbolizes the divinity of God and the connection to the root that lies in us all.

If you are with the unicorn’s tattoo, you need this reminder as you forge ahead through the tribulation and trials of life. It also reminds us that we have the inner wisdom, power, and strength to persevere and overcome all odds. Seeing a unicorn’s tattoo can instill a sense of calmness and a reminder of the magic power they possess.

A unicorn’s tattoo is a symbol that you are lucky and favored. A black unicorn tattoo indicates that you tend to focus on the material rather than spiritual things. Greed may gradually find its way into your mind and heart. The shadow of a white or black tattoo could represent illusion and suspense.

Sometimes, the black unicorn may symbolize chivalry, bravery, and loyalty. You can seek the opinion of an artist before permanently getting a unicorn’s tattoo inked into your body.


The unicorn’s symbolism is magical. Consider yourself lucky and blessed whenever you encounter a unicorn in the dream, as a totem, as a spirit animal, or as a power animal. It is an auspicious sign that signifies love and good fortune blossoming around you.

Unicorn has diverse symbolism and interpretation. The kind of understanding you give it may affect how it can restore your trust, grow your faith, increase your inner strength, and guide your earthly sojourn.

Unicorn symbolism

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