Praying Mantis Symbolism: 14 Spiritual Meanings Of Praying Mantis

Have you ever wondered why a praying mantis was named thus? These insects had a fantastic way of raising their two front legs, looking as if in a praying position. Etymologically, the word “mantis” is from the Greek word “mantikos,” which means “prophet.” These creatures have more than 2,000 specie all through the world.

Praying mantes are famous for feeding on both beneficial and harmful insects. Their front leg catches insect prey walking on the ground or flying in the air. It will feed on a damaging caterpillar just like it feeds on a beneficial honey bee. This results from its ability to camouflage and blend well with leaves, flowers, and sticks in its environment.

People often argue that these insects look more like aliens because their two large compound eyes enable them to have stereoscopic sight. It also has three simple eyes, which are well positioned in its triangle-shaped head. Out of all the insects in the world, the praying mantis is the only insect capable of turning its head 180 degrees.

Some species of praying mantis have one ear on their abdomen, some have wings, and others have one ear. This ear is not tuned to hear most sounds clearly but can hear a high-pitched bat. This has helped if avoid being prey to bats.

So what does it mean when you come across a praying mantis? What does this insect symbolize to different cultures? This article will explain what all mantis meanings and shed light on other things you should know about this creature.

Praying Mantis symbolism

Praying mantis symbolism and meaning

1. Balance

A praying mantis is a symbol of balance. This creature is known for striking a balance between what it wants to feed on and how to achieve it. It has special traits for balancing being prey with being a predator. If you ever come across a praying mantis, your guardian angel might be passing a message to you.

It might tell you to strike a balance between some contradictory aspects of your personality. Balance your desires with your goals. Most times, our desires always stop or delay our primary goals. It’s all about intuition; so find a balance, fulfill your desires, and reach your goals. That’s mostly the spiritual

2. Good luck

Many people believe that this insect’s praying position can bring good luck. Hence, many people carry it as a good luck charm so it can send prayers or meditation on their behalf to the spiritual realm. Other people also symbolize this insect with bad luck. They feel it is stalking and watching due to its predatory behavior.

Search your heart to know whether or not this insect comes with good luck. But if you are a spiritual person, you have nothing to worry about. Be assured that praying mantis is on your side, beckoning you with good luck.

3. Precision

Praying mantis symbolism and meaning

It has already been established that praying mantis is always very patient regarding their prey, which explains why these creatures symbolize precision. Once these insects are guaranteed success after waiting for a very long time, they strike at once and so fast that you barely see them.

If you ever come across a praying mantis, your spirit guide might be passing a message across to you about timing and precision. It might be telling you to be precise about when to act on that project or take that bold career step. It might also be informing you that it is time to act as this spirit animal has put everything in place for you.

4. Concentration

When we were little, we believed that looking at praying mantis could be dangerous. We believe that this insect will enter our noses if we look at it. Despite this fear, we are naturally drawn to praying mantes because we feel they have human qualities. Their blending claws indicate that they must be praying, and we can tap into this.

This insect also has five eyes and can turn its head while hunting. This is a symbol of concentration. It concentrates entirely on its prey with all its eyes and head. If a praying mantis ever comes your way, your angel might be telling you to concentrate and be more observant about things you are paying little or no attention to.

5. Patience

These creatures are stealth hunters. They can focus on prey for a long time before bouncing on it, thus, representing a symbol of calmness. They only make a move when they are sure of a catch. Also, a praying mantis doesn’t like to feast on dead insects. It prefers seeing its prey struggle to be free until it successfully devours. Hence, it takes time to look for insects that are alive.

If you see a praying mantis, your angel might tell you to be patient when pursuing your goal. It is a reminder that your process might be slow initially, but it will pay off in the end. Your spirit might also tell you that good things don’t come easily, and you will fight for them. But in the end, the struggle is worth the patience. This is why patience is one spectacular praying mantis meaning you must take to heart.

6. Be secretive when necessary

You might misinterpret a praying mantis, especially looking at how easy it is for the chameleon to catch them. They move very slowly but have a secret weapon which is camouflage. They have a 6 inches body, either pink, brown, or green. This is an advantage to them as it makes it almost impossible to distinguish them among plants.

So, if a praying mantis reveals itself to you in a dream or passing, it might be passing a message from your spirit angel. It might be telling you to keep your plans to yourself. Don’t share your big plans with just everyone. Some people derive joy in sabotaging your vibration and dreams. So be secretive and walk in silence.

7. Alertness and guidance

Alertness and guidance

When a praying mantis is hunting, it likes to rock, bounce, or wobble on the spot before its tongue or claw captures its target. This moment is expectant and tense. No wonder, it’s a reference animal in martial arts, especially Kung fu. It symbolizes that you should be on alert and ready for your message.

Your spirit guide might be using this to tell you to get set. It might be telling you that you must not miss an opportunity coming your way. This opportunity can come in a brief moment, so stay extremely alert.

8. Protection

Some people attribute the position of a praying mantis to defense and martial art. Your spirit angel might be telling you that you need protection. Someone out there might be trying to get you. So, get ready and keep your guard up.

9. Approach things differently

While praying mantises love to see their prey fight for their lives, they also fight to the very end when being eaten by predators. They are not an easy catch and will give their attackers a tough time before getting killed. Your spirit guide might be passing a message across to you with this.

It might suggest that you should change your perspective on approaching things. Think outside the box and tackle a task from an unexpected angle. Don’t underestimate yourself; you have all the necessary resources.

Praying mantis symbolism in certain cultures

Praying mantis symbolism in certain cultures

In Native America, it is believed that the praying mantis is a symbol of good fortune, wealth, success, and large families. It also represents resurrection and rebirth and the circle of death and life. They were also beloved to be symbols of great spirit and are for healing and medicine, ceremonies. The praying mantis totem animal is symbolic in special rituals and divinations.

In Eastern culture, the Zuni tribe believed that the praying mantis symbolizes power and nature. In China, it is a symbol of pertinacity, chaos, and greed. In Japan, it is a symbol of autumn and an emblem of bravery. It is also associated with the military and courage. Although it has a fragile body, this insect never retires but continually advances.

The Celtic people have different opinions about praying mantis. In some cultures, it can symbolize greed covered up with religiousness or a praying attitude. It is also a symbol of gluttony, cruelty, piety, persistency, and courage. In some other cultures, it is a symbol of female viciousness. This results from how female mantises devour their male partner after copulation.

Among the Greeks, the praying mantis signifies divination, while the Ireland people relate it to headhunting practices. The Christians believe that the praying mantis has the power of divination due to how its leg is always crossed. They also believe it symbolizes pain, ecstasy, hate, love, and death.

The South Africans on the continent of Africa, also reference this insect so much. They believe it symbolizes spirituality. Hence, they fall on their knees to pray when they encounter a praying mantis. The people of this culture never kill this creature. It is believed that anyone who does this will be unfortunate for life.


Although praying mantis symbolism varies from culture to culture, most cultures attribute this creature to positivity. If you want to tattoo a praying mantis on your body, know that this image will show you the way and help you make the right decision. The tattoo will be a reminder that you should stay focused on God.

A praying mantis is a soothsayer or diviner, especially when you see it in a dream. Generally, the symbol associated with this creature includes spirituality, wisdom, creativity, stillness, and good luck. You can also decipher your paying mantis symbolism based on your spiritual belief and mental acceptance.

Praying Mantis symbolism

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