Moth Symbolism: 17 Spiritual Meanings Of Moth

Many people often make the mistake of taking moths for butterflies. These two insects are similar but very different. Moths have existed longer than a butterfly or even humans. They can be found on every continent of the earth except for Antarctica. Since moth are found wherever human lives, they are subject to mythology and the spiritual belief of many cultures.

These insects have been around for over 190 million years; hence it is safe to say they have pre-moral wisdom in their DNA. We need their wisdom to abundantly and successfully navigate through life. Like many other spirit insects and animals, they can guide us in every area of our lives.

Moths are inquisitive creatures well known for flying in a cloak of darkness and still very much attracted to bright light. The presence of a moth can give a mixed feeling of uneasiness and wonder. They are mysterious, and it can be hard to specify what they mean when they visit you, what they mean spiritually, or what their intention means.

These winged creatures can represent intuitive discoveries, inner wisdom, hidden knowledge, transformation, shadow work, the moon, psychic abilities, and feminine and yin energies. A moth can have a unique and different meaning or your depending on the events happening in your life and your moth’s visitation or sighting.

This article will take you through different moth symbols and the spiritual meaning of moths.

moth symbolism

1. What is moth symbolism?

Moths have different symbolism based on cultural and historical peculiarities. Here are some of the several meanings associated with moths.

1. Unconditional love

A moth is a metaphor for unconditional love. They are known to be attracted to bright light, which can harm them. In as much as this is a disadvantage, it is also an advantage to a large extent. This act symbolizes unconditional love, that is, giving yourself completely to someone or something you love without minding the side effect.

It symbolizes loving without regard for your self-interest. When you come across a moth, it reminds you that you should love with your entirety; let love take its course and see the outcome.

2. Intuition and psych abilities

Moths have feathery antennae and fuzzy hair on their bodies which makes them very sensitive creatures. They can pick up information from their surroundings to guide themselves. Also, moths have a combination of simple and compound eyes, which they use to see ultraviolet light that humans cannot see.

Their wings are also very sensitive and can pick up vibration. Due to their nocturnal behavior and sensitivity, the moth symbolizes psych abilities and intuition. Moth encounters are omens that prompt you to turn to psychic phenomena to tune up your intuition. A few ways to achieve this are through silence, spending time in nature, and meditation.

3. Disguise

What is moth symbolism

Moths can disguise themselves and change their color so as not to be prey for predators. Although they cannot be compared to chameleons and octopuses that can change their colors at will; nevertheless, the moth is a master of disguise.

Moth symbolizes disguise, a pointer that there are times in life when we need to lay low and operate in stealth mode. It tells us that this can be very beneficial, especially when we are where we feel we are always oversharing. It also reminds us that we have a right to our thoughts and privacy.

It also symbolizes that, as humans, there are times we need to keep our cards close to our chest and maintain a poker face. We shouldn’t let the world see our inner thoughts and emotions.

4. Fertility

Moths are related to the pollination of some plants; hence they are linked to fertility. Moths are more active at night. They seize this moment to pollinate plants nocturnally. Bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds are known for pollinating plants during the daytime. Moths’ fuzzy bodies are for carrying pollen from plant to plant.

Their role in pollination cannot be overemphasized, therefore supporting fertility and reproduction on earth. Moths symbolize abundance and fertility. Moth spirit animal symbolizes good luck and an increase in any aspect of your life that is deserving. Be it financial or family; moths signify an increase and fertility.

Some moth species are also known for abstaining from food all the days of their lives. They channel all their energy towards reproduction and fertility. They sacrifice food for the advantage of a more significant cause, fertility.

5. Attachment

Moths are known to be attached to hot light bulbs or flames that can burn their wings or, at most, kill them. As a result of this, moths symbolize attachment. It explains that as humans, we may sometimes things, people, situations, or outcomes, and if we don’t get them, we feel disappointed.

The fact that moths are always attracted to light that can harm us also symbolizes that humans are often attracted to many things that can put them in danger. If moths appear to you, it symbolizes that you find satisfaction and happiness in yourself. It also reminds us that we have all the capacity for true fulfillment.

As a spirit animal, the moth reminds us to stop looking for things outside ourselves to fulfill us. It also stands as a reminder and warning to ask ourselves why we want what we want. It tells us to pause for a moment and reconsider whether our desires and attachment genuinely serve us.

6. Transformation


The moth symbolizes transformation because it evolves from cocoon to larvae, caterpillar, and moth during metamorphosis. It can also be compared to a lotus flower that starts growing as a seed, down to a bud that springs from mud to grow through water and then blossoms over the ground. In short, this tells us that the transformation of a moth is miraculous.

When moth flies come to you, it indicates that you must evolve and grow. You must come out of your comfort zone or your self-created environment. Also, the moth tells you not to look down on yourself and that you can transform your life regardless of your background.

7. Spirits

A moth is often seen as a symbol of an angel from heaven or a spirit guide, even in the bible. Most cultures believe that spirits can influence moths, and when moths make themselves known, they have a message to convey to selected souls. It is believed that moths can communicate with the spirits and convey the message and greetings of the dead to their loved ones.

8. Night time and the moon

Since moths are more active at night, they symbolize nighttime and the moon. The American moon moth or luna moth is known for sharing synergies with the rabbit as they are closely associated with the lunar cycle and represent fertility.

Like owls and bats, the moth uses the stars and moon for navigation. They are inclined with the workings and happenings of the nighttime and take full advantage of this. When the moth symbolizes nighttime and the moon, it reminds us to explore the unknown and honor mystery and female energy.

9. Seizing the moment

Moths are known for their short lifespan. They live from one month to six months on the earth, depending on their specie. Whenever you come across a moth, it has come to remind you to seize the moment and maximize every single opportunity that comes your way.

If the moth makes itself known to you, it might signify that you need to act on something immediately. It shows that there are things that need to be attended to urgently. It is also a reminder that you shouldn’t put things off. It tells you there is no better time to take that step than now!

Take that project, reach out to old friends, make that career change, plan that trip, and take that class.

2. Moth color meaning and symbolism

Moth color meaning and symbolism

Moth’s spiritual meaning is often depicted by the specific color of the moth. Also, moth color meaning differs from culture to culture. Here are some prominent colors of moths and what they are associated with:

1. Black moth

Black symbolizes rebellion, sadness, death, change, mystery, formality, and beauty. This color is essential, and its absence means other colors will lack variety in hue and depth. Black moths such as the geometrid moth, the American bird’s wing moth, and others signify that your life is about to experience colossal change.

While many people are scared of change, it signifies growth and helps us evolve spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Seeing a black moth reminds you that you should stop accepting things the way they are if they are not beneficial to you and your loved ones. It signifies rebellion and tells you to shake off anything holding you back.

2. Brown moth

The brown moth meaning symbolizes stability, security, earth, soil, and wood. Brown moths such as Gothic, head hawkmoth, hummingbird, antler moth, and others signify that you should get back to the basics and ground yourself in specific ways.

Seeing a brown moth also reminds us that honoring and nurturing what is genuine and supportive in your life is the best way to succeed. Brown moth also means that an important letter or message is on its way. They also believe that a black moth is a carrier of messages from the spirit of your loved ones who have passed.

3. White moth

The white moth meaning symbolizes simplicity, innocence, angels, clarity, and purity. White moths such as white ermine moth, Scopula limboundata, and others signify that your loved ones who are dead or your spirit guide is sending you greetings.

It also signifies that you should clear your thoughts so you can easily connect with the world of the divine.

3. Native American moth meaning

There are several meanings associated with moth folklore among Native American tribes. Each culture has its opinion bout moth. In many tribes of Native America, moths represent negativity. They are associated with madness, scary ghost, and death. Such cultures also believe that moths are a result of butterflies that go mad after engaging in some cultural taboos.

Some other tribes, like the California tribe, see moths as a symbol of transformation and spirit messengers from ancestors or spirits of loved ones through special rituals.

4. Celtic moth meaning

Celtic moth meaning

The Celtic culture has a lot of beliefs regarding the moth. The Celts believe that moths can move freely between the supernatural and the natural world. Moths have negative meanings associated with them. The Celts believe that when a white moth finds its way into the home, then someone will die.

5. China moth meaning

In China, strong meanings are attached to moths. When a moth reveals itself to you, it is taboo to kill them as they are believed to convey a message from loved ones who are dead. In April, during Qingming Festival (a festival that honors one’s ancestors), moths cannot be disturbed. Doing this can push away the angel of your dead loved ones.

6. Moth as a spirit animal

Those who view moths as their spirit animal can transform certain areas of their lives. They are important people who you cannot quickly write off. People with a moth as their power animal are focused on reaching their full potential, learning, and evolving.

Moth people give their all to whatever they are doing. They are not time wasters and are highly intuitive.

7. Moth Totem

The moth totem animal is a helpful symbol when you want to transform or expand an area of your life. It is also a reminder that you should take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way, live in the moment, and be more spontaneous.

The moth totem is also a symbol of protection. It reminds you that you should walk in God’s light as expressed in Matthew when exploring the supernatural world and your psychic abilities. That’s also the depth of the moth tattoo meaning.


Moths are attractive and mysterious creatures. They convey a lot of messages when they appear to you if you sit still and listen. Moths guide you, search for your inner light, and gather energy around your shadow.

When you dream of a moth, it is a sign that you are getting a message from the spirit world. A moth tattoo symbolizes that you believe in the power of transformation. The moth tattoo also brings you total commitment to your spiritual faith. Use your intuition when you come across months to figure out what they mean.

moth symbolism

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  1. Had moth land on my mouth use its proboscis pierce the tip of my tongue and was drinking and would not leave my face until I requested it to. Dont have any moths in the nearby area. Was large with eyes on wings. I walked with it vigorously up the street and yet wouldn’t go to any of the bright lights. Not sure the significance. I video recorded it and took photographs. I had been speaking at the time to 2 girls who have supported me via text and it happened at exact moment I concluded the conversation.

  2. A white moth came and visited me tonight as I was sitting outside. Been feeling alone and missing my Mama. She visited me tonight I’m grateful.

  3. There is no info anywhere on the internet regarding the spiritual meaning of encountering a OLEANDER HAWK ARMY GREEN MOTH. Is its significance same as a LUNA MOTH? Also, I encountered it outside of my mom’s house entrance. Does it mean anything specific?


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