What Is Raven Color? (In Web, Interior Design & Hairdressing)

When people hear the word raven, the color they usually associate with this bird is black. However, is it really that simple or is there more to the raven color? Inspired by nature, the raven color palette includes three main colors and in the world of digital design, the color raven has its unique color code.

Whether you wish to know more about the natural color of ravens, the color codes of the raven color palette, raven color in interior design or hairdressing, or even how the raven has inspired the Baltimore Ravens team colors, you are in the right place.

So read on to find out more about the raven color.

What Color is the Raven Bird?

While some people may say common ravens are purple, they are actually all black. However, the feathers may appear to be different colors, such as purple or deep blue, depending on how the light catches them. Because of their appearance, ravens are often mistaken for the American crow.

While in some bird species, the male and females are differently colored, the female common raven is also all black. However, it can have brownish tones on the neck and breast. Both males and females have black legs and beaks.

What Color is the Raven Bird
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The Raven Color Palette

Inspired by the real-life raven, the color palette includes white, black, and different shades of gray. Each color has its own hex code. Colors from the raven color palette are used for a range of purposes, including interior design, web page design, hairdressing, and the Baltimore Ravens use them in their logo and team colors.

What is the Hex Color Code?

Hex codes are used to represent colors in RGB formats. It combines three values, which are the amount of green, red, and blue in a shade of color. These codes have been an important tool in HTML web page design and they are still a key way to describe digital color formats.

Hex codes are codes with six characters, and they use both letters, and numbers to identify colors. The six alphanumerical characters are taken from the RGB values of reds, blues, and greens. If you would like to learn more about how hex color codes and RGB colors work, you can watch this video.

Different Color Systems

The RGB color system which is used in the hex codes is not the only system used in technology. A different system is used in color printing. This is known as the CYMK system which is short for cyan, yellow, magenta, and black. These are the four colors used in color printers. However, the RGB system dominates in digital imaging.

The Color Raven in Digital Design

Even though the bird is all black, in design, the color raven is part of the Pastel Sky Blue color family. It is a medium-bright color with low saturation. It is represented by #727B89 hex code and composed of 54% blue, 48% green, and 45% red components. In terms of CMYK, it has 46% black pigment, no yellow, 17% of cyan, and 10% of magenta.

In HSV (hue, saturation, and value) representation it has a hue angle of 216°, a saturation of 17%, and a value of 54%. The HSV color wheel is not as well known as CMYK or RGB codes. However, it is available in many image editing programs.

Using Raven Color in Interior Design

Dark colors such as raven black are sometimes used in interior design to create specific effects. While there are no reasons not to use dark colors, they can make a room seem smaller, and because they do not reflect light, darker.

If you would like to use raven color or other very dark shades of paint in your home, it is best to use it in smaller amounts, for example, for a feature wall rather than the whole room.

Using Raven Color in Interior Design
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Raven Black Hair

The raven color is not just used in web and interior design, it is also used in hairdressing. When used to color hair, raven black is different from other black shades because it is a natural shade rather than blue-black or the darkest brown and the emphasis is on shine.

Raven is a hair color with a cool hue instead of warm, which is another feature that separates it from most dark brunettes as well as blacks with red undertones. Because it is a very dark color, anyone considering coloring their hair raven black needs to consider their skin tone and natural hair color before making the decision.

Colors From The Raven Palette in Baltimore Ravens’ Team Colors

The Baltimore Ravens are an American football team that is based in Baltimore and competes in the NFL, the National Football League in the United States. The team is a member of the North division of the AFC, the American Football Conference and their main rivals in the league are the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The team’s colors are black, purple, red, and metallic gold. The hex color codes for the team are purple #241773, black #000000, metallic gold #9E7C0C, and red #C60C30. In their logo, which has a raven in the side profile with the letter B on its head, they use the same colors.

Colors From The Raven Palette in Baltimore Ravens' Team Colors
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As you can see, colors from the raven color palette are used in a range of different contexts, from painting the walls to coloring your hair, website designs, and sports team logos. While black is the color most commonly associated with ravens since they are all blackbirds, there are other colors and shades included in the raven color palette.

We hope you have found out all you wanted to know about the raven color. However, should you have additional questions about the topic, you can write your questions in the comments section on this page.

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