Sparrow Symbolism: 17 Spiritual Meanings of Sparrow

Sparrows are tiny winged creatures that you can usually see in gardens and woods. When we see them across parts of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas, we tend to believe that they have a big impact on our lives.

But, what do these small birds symbolize? Do they represent a meaningful or peaceful life? 

There is incredible folklore and myth about these friendly little birds, and in this article, we will discuss what it means when we see them in our dreams and in real life.

17 Spiritual Meanings of Sparrow

Symbolic Meaning of Sparrow

Sparrows symbolize many elements in life. Although these are tiny creatures, they are thought to be powerful, especially when they unite. Their body language implies dominance especially when they feel aggravated.

Sparrows are hard workers. They constantly work to put comfort into their lives. They teach us how to be persistent and share responsibilities with others so that we can achieve power while helping one another.

These tiny birds are bright and sing all day! This behavior inspires us to achieve self-confidence and enjoy our lives.

Sparrow Spirit Animal

A sparrow spirit animal is an excellent team player. Individuals with this spirit animal are kind, gentle, and generous. Although they may look fragile, they know how to build themselves whenever life knocks them down.

A sparrow spirit animal symbolizes happiness, self-worth, and dignity. This sparrow wants you to consider your flaws as beauties and honor your good qualities.

Many people tend to disregard their talents but the sparrow spirit animal wants you to focus on yourself and build your personal success, without affecting your family time. The sparrow spirit animal reminds you to express your creativity to build your happiness.

Generally, the sparrow spirit animal symbolizes balance in life – personal career, family, and relationship. It reminds you as well to keep yourself healthy and never compromise it for things in this great big world.

This healthy life means enjoying time with your loved ones and doing things that make you full. This also means taking advantage of every event that comes your way.

So, what are you passionate about? Remember, this spirit animal influences you to be adaptable so that life will become easier and lighter for you.

Oftentimes, you become frustrated and stressed with how your life is going, especially when you are tired, and you can beat these life predators by learning how to rest and be more compassionate.

Sparrow Totem Animal

If you are born with a sparrow totem animal, you are typically team-oriented. Sparrow totem comes with a natural habit of being cooperative as long as they share the same vision and goals with other people around them.

A sparrow totem symbolizes a strong work ethic and focus. If you have this spirit animal, you tend to feel accomplished even when you have only finished small tasks. Your thoughts towards others make you feel better as well.

If you welcome this totem animal, it means that you need some progress in your life. To increase your chance of being successful, you need to include wise people in your circle. 

Another thing the sparrow totem teaches you is to grow in spirit. Prioritizing spiritual connection can help you increase your chance of success and bring you peace.

In life, there are days when you surround yourself with people that drag you down. However, the best solution is to uplift yourself and increase the number of people that can help you become more productive. 

There are also days when you forget your spiritual life because you get busier with your earthly life. However, developing spiritually can actually bring you closer to what you aim for.

Sparrow Power Animal

Everyone has this sparrow animal inside them. If you work too hard, your sparrow power animal will distinguish because you tend to become stressed and disconnected. 

When you feel discouraged, call this sparrow to encourage you by helping you appreciate little blessings. 

This power animal also symbolizes truth and compassion. It teaches you to take power responsibly and not take it for granted. This power should also be used to only do good things that can add value to your life.

Aside from power, this animal also symbolizes integrity, empowerment, persistence, and wisdom.

There are times in life when we take our position as power. For example, you are the manager of a company and you use your position to manipulate others. Although this is not your intrinsic attitude, your power influences you to do it anyway. 

When you call this power animal, you will learn how to stand in others’ shoes and become a person who can lead others to success as well. Generally, a power animal teaches you what unity and working together can make you.

Sparrows in Dreams

Sparrows in Dreams

Dreaming of spirit guide sparrows is the most common symbolism you may encounter. When these tiny birds appear in your dreams, it is most likely that you have already gained liberation, pride, and respect. 

A sparrow is also a symbol of love. Dreaming of it signifies that true love has been discovered, and all of these will allow you to experience greater happiness.

If you see baby sparrows in your dreams, this can signify that a child is about to be born. If you are manifesting and waiting for this stage of life, it is about time to do things that can increase your chance of reproducing.

Baby sparrows also mean fruitful relationships.

If a group of sparrows appears in your dream, pleasurable gatherings are about to happen as well. 

Furthermore, if you dream of sparrows landing in your windows, a secret is about to be revealed. On the other hand, if in your dream, you are this sparrow, you will be the one delivering this secret.

If an injured sparrow appears in your dream, it signifies that you have lost control in a certain situation. If you fail to manage this, you can destroy yourself and leave a trauma that will haunt you for life.

Fortunately, you can lean on your family and close friends for support and healing. However, if you have dreamed of sparrows moving away from you, the support you need might not be possible to gain.

Additionally, this support may not also be that big. It sometimes means expectations such as failing to greet you on your birthday or being forgotten to be invited. When this symbolism happens in real life, you are encouraged to speak up and reconcile.

According to a researcher from India, if you dream of nesting sparrows and seeing eggs, this means prosperity. If another bird joins it, you are about to gain a new friend that can divert your focus and time from your family. 

Generally, dreaming of sparrows is subjective and can indicate exhaustion and burden physically, spiritually, financially, and emotionally.

Global Sparrow Symbol

Global Sparrow Symbol

When sparrows appear, they represent different things and events in different cultures. In some countries, they signify hope, rejuvenation, positive changes in fate, and weather changes as well.

1. Sparrow Celtic Symbolism

Sparrow Celtic teaches you to become polite. It also means honesty, rigor, and simplicity in life. In Celtic culture, a sparrow also represents huge power and strength that requires additional courage and support from others.

According to the Journal of Modern Literature, sparrow Celtic also symbolizes intelligence and diligence.

2. Sparrows in Japan

In Japan, sparrows represent sweetness, kindness, and hospitality. The tale of the “Tongue-Cut Sparrow” is also famous in the country.

In this tale, a couple is living in the woods. One day, they encountered a sparrow, and the husband, a woodcutter, befriended it by feeding it grain.

However, the wife was not happy with the kindness of her husband. So, she cut the sparrow’s tongue, and eventually, the bird flew away back to the forest.

Lucky for the man because he saw it and saved it. As a gift, the sparrow put out a large and small basket. The sparrow asked the man to choose one and he chose the latter.

When the man went home, he found that the basket was full of treasure. When his wife saw it, she became more gluttonous. Eventually, because of her greed, the wife went into the forest and looked for the sparrow.

When she took the big basket, it was full of snakes. The wife was shocked and eventually fell down the hill and died.

The moral of the story is do not be greedy and stay kind. One day, your kindness will return to you doubled.

3. Sparrows in Europe

In Europe, sparrows are not positively taken. Instead, they signify death and negative events. In the Kent region, when sparrows enter their home, people have to kill them or else someone close to them will die.

Because of how sparrows look, in European folklore, these tiny birds are considered peasants and lower class.

4. Sparrows in the American 

Contrary to European folklore, in native American tribes, sparrows are considered a good omen. They signify friendliness, helpfulness, and resourcefulness.

In this native American culture, sparrows are considered messengers from heaven. Those who have passed away use them to bring messages to the people on earth.

5. Sparrows in Indonesia

In Indonesian culture, sparrows flying into your house means good luck. If there is a nest, marriage and pregnancy are about to happen. 

If a lady encountered a sparrow during Valentine’s Day, this lady is said to be marrying a poor man but will live a happy and contented life.

Additionally, crying sparrows represent rainfall. 

6. Sparrows in Ancient Greece

Generally, there are countless sparrow symbolisms in ancient Greek mythology. Sparrows mean love and lust when it is accompanied by Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

Based on the book by Karin Johansson, sparrows also mean war just like what happened during the Trojan war. In this legendary event, there was a prediction that the war would last for 9 years. This prediction was made when a snake ate 9 sparrows.

7. Carriers of Souls in Egypt

In Ancient Egypt, they took sparrows as carriers of souls. They used hieroglyphs in their houses so that when they die, sparrows will catch them and bring them to heaven once they leave the earth.

Sparrow Tattoo Meaning

Sparrow Tattoo Meaning

As said, in Egypt, sparrows are carriers of souls. This is why sparrow tattoos have become popular among sailors. They believe that in case they die at sea, sparrows would catch their souls and save them.

This also means that sparrows signify caution and attentiveness.

In Russia, sparrow tattoos mean staying on the right path, supporting moral integrity, inhibition, freedom, self-determination, and joy. 

Spiritual Meaning of Sparrow

Spiritual Meaning of Sparrow

According to the book Why People Matter, there are also symbols when it comes to sparrows and religion. Generally, sparrows depict the importance of souls.

1. Sparrows and Christianity

In Christian Bible, sparrows represent God’s love for His people and all His creations, that even the most insignificant lifeforms matter to Him. Sparrows are also used to tell that God is always present and His love for His people remains.

In one Bible verse, a sparrow was also used. In Matthew 10:29, Jesus said: “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny?” This verse illustrates God’s love for His creations, including the lowly ones.

2. Sparrows and Judaism

In Judaism, sparrows are thought to be the last ones resting on the Tree of Souls. They also represent the end of the world. They sing along because of the return of the Savior.

Sparrow Encounters and Omen

Sparrow Encounters and Omen

According to the book Animal Messengers, our daily encounters with animals like sparrows do not necessarily mean new messages and omens. However, when you see one in an unusual situation, it may signify an important message.

1. Flock of sparrows

Flocks of these tiny birds may tell you that you should consider yourself involved in groups instead of doing things alone. A flock of sparrows may also symbolize joyful gatherings.

2. Sparrows in a cage

A sparrow in a cage means that you should learn to manage your attitude towards others. This can tell you that you may be controlling without realizing it.

3. Injured sparrows

Either in real life or in dreams, seeing an injured sparrow is a sign of difficulty and sorrow. This requires caution not just for you but for all those around you as well.

Final Thoughts

In general, sparrow symbolism can teach you many important lessons in life. Most of these lessons are about how to thrive physically, spiritually, financially, and emotionally. Sparrow’s symbolism also dwells on a success that is based on happiness and simplicity.

17 Spiritual Meanings of Sparrow

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