Scorpion Symbolism: 30 Spiritual Meanings Of Scorpion

Are you scared of scorpions? Have you always wondered if they have any special meaning attached to them? Scorpions are known for their powerful sting all through the world and this has made many people view them as evil and deadly. Howbeit, some scorpions are like spiders in the sense that they are arachnids.

These creatures have been around for over 400 million years. Scorpions have 2,500 species and nearly all scorpions possess toxins that can kill a human. Although these creatures are native to the desert and are found in all continents except Antarctica. They can also live in any kind of environment.

Scorpions are popularly known to represent the zodiac sign Scorpio. They are also known for their mating and sting dance. People with the zodiac sign, Scorpio, are those born between November and December 15.

The set of people with the Scorpio zodiac sign is known to be charismatic, powerful, intuitive, secretive, magnetic, domineering, strong-willed, and resistant.

Let’s learn more about scorpion meanings and what they symbolize when you come across them.

scorpion symbolism

1. What is scorpion symbolism?

The symbolism of the scorpion means so many things including intelligence, independence, solitude, passion, protection, and transformation, to different tribes. It is also not a myth that scorpions symbolize sex, rebirth, death, illnesses, lust, fertility, and power following astrological signs.

It is widely known that scorpions have deadly venom that can kill humans. They are also believed to have the capacity to heal and raise someone who has lost all hopes and is about to die. Astrologers are gifted in deciphering the symbolic meaning of scorpion symbolism.

The scorpion’s stinger is used as a weapon for hunting, defense, and protection. They also represent that one has the power to protect oneself. The creature has both positive and negative symbolism and the symbolism you get depends on your belief and how you use scorpion.

Scorpion bites may be poisonous, but Scorpion symbolism acts as a spirit guide that teaches you to recognize your tendencies and know how to manage them to work in your favor. It also teaches us to be brave and stand up against failure, turn our weaknesses into strengths, learn from our past mistakes, transform our pain and negativity into positivity, and identify our true identity.

Generally, scorpions represent the following

  1. Ability to protect other people by chasing off negative impacts and influences.
  2. Ability to protect oneself through fighting oneself or others.
  3. Powerful transformation
  4. Success and dream
  5. Independence, personal drive, and rebirth
  6. Mastery and self-control
  7. A sharp mind and intelligence
  8. Solitude
  9. Determination and willpower
  10. Pent-up emotions
  11. Aggressive behavior or feeling
  12. Utmost self-confidence

2. Scorpion colors and their symbolism

There are different varieties of Scorpions, each variety has different markings which depend on their habitat that is where they live. Some Scorpions having their habitation in the forest are usually black while some Scorpions having their habitation in the desert have a lighter color.

Various people tend to have dreams about scorpions with colors that are different from the ones mentioned above. For example, yellow, brown, white, and red colors; and, each colored scorpion has its spiritual meaning.

1. Yellow Scorpion: Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming about a yellow scorpion has both evil and bad symbols. The yellow scorpion symbolizes distrust, happenings of evil, and negativity. Dreaming about a yellow scorpion could also mean that one has to strive to achieve their set goals and ambitions in life.

It is recorded that the yellow scorpion is still the most poisonous and deadly in this world hence its name, deathstalker.

2. Brown Scorpion: Meaning and Symbolism

Brown Scorpion

Seeing a brown Scorpion in dreams symbolizes that one should be careful of people or friends that don’t disclose their secrets to you. It also means that you should be sensible, and mature with well-considered priorities.

It could also mean that one has to pay attention to feelings of sexual urges or need in a relationship.

3. Red Scorpion: Meaning and Symbolism

Since the color red symbolizes determination, being strong, and also the ability to use imagination to produce things that are of benefit to society so also does the red scorpion.

Having dreams about a red scorpion symbolizes one’s strong determination and ambition. It could also mean that one has to work on making a relationship work or improving it.

4. White Scorpion: Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of white scorpions symbolizes harmony, peace, absence of disturbance of any kind, and relief from pain.

Seeing a white scorpion in dreams can also mean that no matter what one is passing through or how bad the situation one is at a phase in life, there is the belief, faith, or hope that things will be better in the future as long as you don’t stay negative.

5. Black Scorpion: Meaning and Symbolism

Black Scorpion

Colour Black symbolizes the ability to exercise influence or control over something or someone, being powerful, gloomy, harmful, obscure, or evil.

Seeing a black scorpion in the dream symbolizes being familiar or sensitive to the environment or what surrounds you so as not to fall victim to tricks that you don’t know about. It could also mean that one might encounter something spiritual in the nearest future.

3. The symbolism of Scorpions in Dreams

Always pay close attention to your feeling toward your dream no matter the circumstances that surround it.

Scorpions could symbolize so many things in dreams for example:

1. Dreaming of a dead Scorpion

If one sees a dead scorpion in a dream, it symbolizes that one can achieve set goals or heart desires soon that would bring about prosperity, good fortune, and happiness.

2. Dreaming of a scorpion that is in the water

Seeing a scorpion that is in the water in a dream is a warning that you should be contented with your circumstances.  You shouldn’t allow your pasts to weigh you down or prevent you from going forward in life. You must find a way and develop developmental traits to move past this problem

3. Being Stung by a Scorpion in the dream

Being stung by a Scorpion in the dream is a bad omen. It also means that one would be deceived or betrayed by people you rely on.

4. Eating a Scorpion in Dream

It is believed in ancient times that eating a scorpion in a dream is a good indication or sign of one’s romantic love life only.

However, it is not only a good sign in one’s romantic love life only but in all types of love.  Having such a positive mind will bring a good change to one’s life.

The symbolism of Scorpions in Dreams

5. Being attacked by a Scorpion in Dream

Dreaming of being attacked by a Scorpion in one’s dream is a sign of something becoming transformed, different, or changed in the nearest future.

6. Dreaming of a very big Scorpion

Seeing a very big Scorpion in one’s dream indicates that one has to be patient and not be rash when making decisions or choices in life. This is because choices made could make or mar one’s progress or results in life.

7. Dreaming of killing a scorpion

When you dream about killing a scorpion, it is a good indication that you are prevailing over negative, harmful, or toxic people or circumstances surrounding your life. It also means that you’re being deceived by people you call friends and you have to be careful around them.

4. Scorpion African symbolism

In Africa, scorpions symbolize death, evil, guardianship, and power. It also symbolizes that a long-term argument is coming to an end. Black scorpions were specifically known to represent racial prejudice towards Africa. The scorpion totem animal symbolizes the goddess Selket, one of the most powerful goddesses in Egypt.

Also, ancient Egyptians see scorpions as death and life and the passage to the underworld. This is a result of the amount of poison it has and how fast the poison travels. In Greek culture, it signifies Artemis, the goddess of wild animals, fertility, and vegetation.

5. Scorpion Christianity and Islamic

In the Bible, culture symbolizes torture and evil. The sting of a scorpion in the Bible is referred to as great torment and agony to the one who is stung. Among Christians, the scorpion symbolizes the suffering and pain that the devil will inflict on those who do not serve the Lord.

In Islam, it means culture and symbolizes sexuality in folklore. It also means protection as well as evil. In Islamic art, the king’s scorpions are woven into artwork to portray the dervish having power over evil.

6. Scorpion Native American symbolism

In native America, scorpions are used to represent ancient cults, rituals, and spells. In this same region, scorpion poison is also used as a remedy and as an antidote to other deadly substances. These creatures have unmatched medicinal importance and they reference the creature from a shamanic point of view.

Scorpion’s poison also has a property that is capable of making someone hallucinate, hence native American medicine men make use of this for their business. They believe that this poison is capable of letting them into some realm of consciousness that they want.

They also don’t believe that a scorpion stings out of selfishness and wickedness but dances with its victims only based on their true nature.

7. Scorpion Celtic symbolism

Scorpion Celtic symbolism

The Celts also believe that scorpions represent so many things. They believe it is a mysterious creature with mystical power which is poisonous and deadly. Scorpions live in crevices and cracks and they can strike when you least expect it. This is seen as a sign of danger and evil.

These continents view scorpions as a creature with a great connection to the underworld due to their ability to live in crevices. The Celts also believe that despite that a scorpion’s sting is deadly, it can sting itself without getting hurt. This is because the creature has a special oil in its body that prevents the poison from spreading.

Despite the scorpion being known as a symbol of evil in larger parts of Celtic, some other parts see scorpions as a sign of divine retribution.

8. Scorpion Eastern symbolism

Scorpion in the East stands for an incarnation of evil as well as a force of protection. These creatures have been around for a very long time and are one of the greatest animal survivors.

In other parts of the Easter continent, scorpions are used as a protective measure against evil power and negativity.  combines the scorpion symbol with that of other deadly creatures like a centipede, spider, toad, and viper.

Lots of countries believe the scorpion is a symbol of protection hence they worship this creature as well as the creatures mentioned above.

9. Scorpion as a spirit animal

If you have a scorpion spirit animal, it means that you have spiritual depth and guiding power. Just like how strong your spirit animal is, you will be able to withstand any kind of situation. It also means that you are resilient, patient, and can keenly observe your environment and look for the right opportunity before you strike.

Even though scorpions symbolize evil, the narrative changes when it is your spirit animal. A scorpion is ready to help you until you feel secure and protected. The scorpion as a spirit animal is also a symbol of strength and encouragement. It puts you on your toes to always stand up for yourself and your loved ones when necessary.

The spirit of a scorpion also helps you overcome grief and let go of all the toxic habits that you have.

10. How often do people come in contact with scorpions and what is its omen?

The possibility of encountering or coming in contact with scorpions around seashores, mountains, bushes, and deserts is high. Though scorpions live in burrows, one should still be careful when walking around dessert, mountains, seashores, or bushy areas as you can come in contact with it

Scorpion encounters have different meanings depending on one’s culture and traditions. Some people view Scorpion in a positive light while some see it in a negative light.

Coming in contact with a scorpion to some people portends a change or positive transformation of oneself by finding your inner strength and embracing your weaknesses.

While to some people coming in contact with scorpions is associated with the devil, harm or evil, being deceived by something or someone that appears to be good who then uses their sting.


Categorically, scorpions symbolize death, evil, unpleasantness, and destruction. In some cultures, it is used to represent lust, protection, sex, and many other things. A scorpion tattoo can symbolize a tough phase and a bad boy image while a scorpion totem symbolizes transformation and change.

scorpion symbolism

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