Pig Symbolism: 12 Spiritual Meanings of Pig

There is a specific spiritual meaning and symbolism connected to each animal. Across numerous cultures, pigs represent a wide range of concepts. In fact, we often associate pigs with gluttony – habitual greed or excess in eating. Little did you know that if you examine its innate characteristics, you will understand that there is something more about the nature of this animal.

So let’s uncover all we need to know about pig symbolism and its unique qualities.

12 Spiritual Meanings of Pig

What Are the Characteristics of a Pig?

Pigs are generally complex, smart, social animals. We may feel bad about pigs because we don’t understand them well enough. Hence, we tend to ignore their pain as they are raised for meat in industrialized agricultural production systems. Domestic pigs are kept in these concrete and steel buildings where they can’t see the sky, dig in the mud, eat grass, or feel the sun on their faces.

Scientists are learning more and more about the true nature of these animals. They comprehend their previously unknown mental abilities, social nature, and ability to feel pain and emotions influenced by their physical and social surroundings.

Now let’s take a look at some of their other characteristics.

Pigs are intelligent and adaptable.

Pigs are among the easiest domesticated animals to train. Some people think they are easier to train than dogs. They are quick to learn new things and adjust to changing circumstances. Because of this, they are considered to be a representation of adaptability.

Pigs have a good sense of direction.

Pigs have excellent navigational skills and can return home after long journeys. They have a maximum speed of 11 mph when running and can often trot for long distances.

Pigs and their laziness

Even though pigs are intelligent and adaptable, their laziness makes them an easy target for humans to catch. These creatures may be mentally active but lack the drive to move around.

Food is the only thing they really care about. As long as pigs have enough to eat, they are happy with their lives, even if held captive.

What Does the Pig Symbolize?

What Does the Pig Symbolize

There are different symbolic meanings for pigs, and they represent many positive qualities. While some cultures view pigs as unclean because of the diseases they spread, others view them as sacred and sacrifice them to their gods.

The symbolism of pigs and boars is closely related. A wild boar or black Pig can be extremely fierce and persistent when on the hunt. Thus, the Pig or the wild boar is a great animal spirit guide to look up to when you’re trying to achieve optimistic objectives or break the habit of postponing action.

Pig Symbolism in Different Cultures

1. Native American Culture

In Native American culture, the Pig is a symbol of abundance. The indigenous people of the Americas held Pig Spirit in high regard because of the lessons it could impart on the value of friendship.

Having a Pig Animal Spirit bestows upon you the qualities of logic, reasoning, fairness, awareness, and safety. However, for some Native Americans, the Pig can serve as a warning against greed, gluttony, and egotism, depending on the context of its appearance in one’s life.

2. Celtic Culture

The boar and Pig share similar meanings in Celtic culture: they are both symbols of strength, wealth, and procreation. In many Pig Celtic Symbolism, the boar’s bristles are a source of great power. Even King Arthur had to face off against a boar with silver and gold bristles – colors associated with royalty.

3. African Culture

The domestication of pigs for consumption was common in many African societies. Since the beginning of time, humans on the African continent have pursued wild boars or hogs for their meat.

All things considered, pigs represent independence and sufficiency in African culture. When a family is able to successfully raise a large number of pigs on their farms, they are usually seen as being wealthy. In fact, there was an open competition in their culture to produce as many pigs as possible.

Pigs also have a spiritual significance to them. For instance, have come to represent transition for some Eastern African communities.

Slavery and oppression are other aspects associated with pigs. Beginning in the 15th century, when slavery was first established, Africans were captured for labor and often housed alongside pigs. Slave owners would eat the tastiest pork parts while slaves were forced to eat the less desirable parts. Consequently, slaughtered pig parts, such as the intestines, tails, ears, feet, and gizzards, eventually became a symbol of oppression and cruelty.

4. Chinese Culture

Chinese Culture

If you wonder why there is such a thing as piggy banks, this creature is viewed as a symbol of fertility, prosperity, wealth, and good luck in ancient Chinese culture.

The Pig is the twelfth of the twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac. They represent honesty. It is believed that people born in the year of the pig sign never lie and are always known for being trustworthy. They also care much about family and live in a tight-knit community. In Feng Shui, people are told to keep pig figurines in their homes because they are thought to bring luck, good fortune, and money.

5. Other Eastern Cultures

The Pig is a symbol of good fortune and prosperity in Asian cultures like Japan, Korea, and China. While other eastern cultures considered pork a sacred food. Thus, it was meant to be eaten only on very special occasions. Some Asian families even see pork as a special treat.

Some Eastern cultures use pig amulets as a symbol of good fortune. People whose totem animals are pigs tend to make good choices in their personal lives and careers.

Pig Symbolism in Religions

1. Buddhism

In Buddhism, the Pig represents stupidity and ignorance. The Buddhist wheel of existence features a black pig. In Buddhist philosophy, this wheel represents one of man’s three fantasies – fantasies of desires and thought.

2. Christianity

The Bible portrays swine as Satan’s minions. For instance, when Jesus exorcised a demon from a man, he released the evil spirit into a herd of swine grazing nearby. Having been possessed by demons, the pigs ran off and tossed themselves off a cliff.

Additionally, the pigs are considered unclean and unholy in the teachings of the Bible. That is why some Christians and people from other Middle Eastern cultures generally frown upon the consumption of pork.

3. Jewish

For the Jews, they forbid the consumption of pork due to the animal’s reputation as a potential carrier of the disease.

Pig Symbolism in Dreams

Pig Symbolism in Dreams

Pig dreams are associated with fertility. In other words, this creature appearing in your sleep is a sign that your efforts will be fruitful. It could also mean that you or someone you know will have a large family. If you dream you are feeding this a pig, it means you will be prosperous in life.

Alternatively, if you dream of a pig attacking you, it is a warning to stop being materialistic. Seeing a Pig in the mud encourages you to leave a toxic relationship and break bad habits.

Pig as a Totem Animal

Those who connect with the Pig animal totem are brimming with energy. In spite of their material hardships, they maintain an optimistic outlook. Moreover, these people have solid foundations and are unconcerned with what others say about them behind their backs. These people are independent thinkers who value their own time.

People who identify with this totem animal tend to be independent thinkers who are cool under pressure in the pursuit of their goals. They also have an exceptional ability to handle financial matters. These individuals are some of the most eloquent speakers you will ever encounter, and their words have a way of moving those around them. However, they don’t enjoy being the center of attention.

In addition, these are people who are alert to new opportunities and quick to grab them. Compared to their friends and colleagues, they are always one step ahead in the game. The downside is that those who share the Pig totem may be lazy and materialistic.

Pig as a Spirit Animal

The pig spirit animal inspires good ideas. Having a pig as a spirit animal can motivate you to put in the effort required to achieve your goals.

This guiding spirit wants you to know you have everything you need to progress to the next level. It shows you the way forward on your spiritual path and helps you avoid pitfalls. Thus, don’t let your past mistakes and setbacks hold you back!

Our Take Away

Many cultures see the Pig as a symbol of wealth, abundance, and prosperity. On the other hand, greed, laziness, and a lack of cleanliness are bad traits associated with them.

We hope this article has given you a newfound respect for the Pig, whether you see it merely as a source of food or as a symbol with deeper meaning. With Pig as your spirit animal, it will teach you how to achieve success through your intellect rather than your labor.

12 Spiritual Meanings of Pig

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