Giraffe Symbolism: 16 Spiritual Meanings Of Giraffe

The giraffe is an animal mostly connected to the wildness and exoticness of nature. For some, this animal’s symbolism holds great importance in their faith, as it is used in many stories of religion and depicted through art.

The giraffe has always had a connotation of uniqueness, pride, and spirituality. They also carry an aura of calmness and tranquility about them that has translated further into their symbolism. In many cultures giraffes generally represent an ability to stand out from the crowd, sincerity, and kindness.

16 Spiritual Meanings Of Giraffe

Different Symbolizations of the Giraffe

It is not uncommon for us humans to develop a certain symbolism or meaning surrounding animals. Some of these beliefs stem from thousands of years of history and storytelling, while others may have very prominent roles in stories of faith and scripture. Due to these significant meanings that we attach to our beloved animals, their appearances in our dreaming state or waking life can sometimes be seen as signs that have appeared to guide us, warn us, or comfort us.

1. Giraffe Symbolism about Awakening & New Perspectives

The giraffe’s spiritual symbolism runs deep in many cultures. It commonly represents a spiritual awakening of sorts or being able to find a new perspective on the situations in your life and how they relate to the people around you. And it is perhaps due to its long neck that the giraffe often symbolizes looking at things from a different point of view.

2. Giraffe as a Symbol of Standing Out From the Crowd & Elevation of Spirit

The giraffe is a unique-looking creature, in everything from its height to its skin. So it should come as no surprise that this beautiful animal at times represents standing out from the crowd. The giraffe symbolizes embracing your uniqueness and all the ways you appear different compared to your peers. It signifies elevating your spirit and inner voice, and trusting in the message you want to spread to those around you.

3. Giraffes Can Be a Symbol of Kindness & softness

The giraffe is often seen as a slow-moving and calm creature. They can be spotted from miles away, strolling calmly across the open landscapes. The giraffe’s calm nature symbolizes approaching life and the people around you with sincerity in your heart, always moving slowly yet steady through the challenges you are faced with and remaining soft through periods of difficulty and turbulence.

Giraffe Symbolism in Dreams

Giraffe Symbolism in Dreams

1. Dreaming of Spotting a Giraffe Symbolism

To see a giraffe walking swiftly across an open plain could be a sign of gaining a new perspective on the information you have received, or that you will finally be moving forward from an area of your life where you have felt stuck. The giraffe’s long neck symbolizes the ability to be forward-thinking and prepared for things that lie ahead. In some cultures, a giraffe represents femininity, and so a dream about a giraffe symbolizes the divine feminine aspects.

2. Dreaming of a Herd of Giraffes

Being surrounded by giraffes could symbolize an unexpected rise in a position of authority or some newfound respect from others for you as an individual. Due to the giraffes’ spiritual significance and tall stature, being surrounded by a herd of giraffes usually points to your importance in your community, and a situation where you are being looked up to for your experience and knowledge on certain matters.

3. Dreaming of a Giraffe Eating

If your dream led you to an eating giraffe (feeding from a tall tree), this is generally thought to be a good sign. A feeding giraffe symbolizes success in your personal life and regarding your personal goals. It tells you that you will be reaching your achievements with ease, just as the giraffe is able to easily reach the highest tops of trees for their source of nourishment.

4. Dreaming of Two Giraffes Fighting Symbolism

Although giraffes are usually calm and kind creatures, they do sometimes get protective. A fighting giraffe in a dream symbolizes a need to press on despite any obstacles you might have faced in the past, or will face in the future. The symbolism of the fighting giraffe speaks of victory through hard work.

Giraffe Symbolism in Different Cultures

Giraffe Symbolism in Different Cultures

1. African Culture Giraffe Symbolism

Africa is a huge continent with a very wide variety of cultures and beliefs. The giraffe being native to the lands of Africa has played a big part in the folklore and beliefs of many of these cultures. Shamans used to call giraffes “messenger of the gods”. Here the giraffes symbolize restoring harmony, balance, and kindness to the world through spreading the messages of the gods. It was thought that due to their tall necks they were the link between the sky and the earth. Giraffes have often been depicted in cultural art, showing the creatures as a symbol of kindness, keeping an open heart, and always looking forward.

2. Middle Eastern Culture Giraffe Symbolism

The giraffe is often seen as a symbol of femininity and the divine feminine in many middle eastern cultures. The animal is known to travel in herds and are fierce in providing and protecting their young. This is why the giraffe is seen as a symbol of motherhood and family in connection to its symbol of femininity.

3. Giraffe Symbolism in the Southeast Asian Culture

In countries like China, the giraffe symbolizes great future success and prosperity, due to the Chinese Admiral Zheng He, who was the one to bring back a giraffe from Kenya. As a result of this, the giraffe then became a symbol of China’s far-reaching greatness and to this day symbolizes its long-standing relationship with the continent of Africa.

4. Biblical Depictions & Christian Symbolism of Giraffes

The giraffe also makes some appearances in biblical stories and artistic depictions of events described in the Bible. According to the story of Noah’s ark, the giraffe was the only animal that didn’t have a mate aboard the ark, and so went on a worldwide search to find its other half. This might also be part of the reason why giraffes in Christian symbolism represent love. As previously mentioned, you can also spot giraffes in Christian and renaissance artwork, where they are often depicted having the freedom to roam due to their ability to explore and wander without fear for safety because of their height and vantage point. In this context, the giraffe often represents the dawn of civilization and new beginnings.

Giraffe as a Spirit Animal Symbol

Giraffe as a Spirit Animal Symbol

What is the Symbolism Behind a Spirit Animal?

The true meaning of a spirit animal refers to certain spiritual traditions and/or cultures. A spirit animal is often seen as a guide who is meant to lead or protect a person on their spiritual journey into becoming the most fulfilled version of themselves. Usually, a spirit animal shares or embodies traits with the person it is tied to.

1. The Symbolism of a Giraffe Being Your Spirit Animal

Giraffe as the symbol of expressing yourself through calmness and kindness

Having the giraffe as your spirit animal speaks to the calmness within you. It is either something you possess or must learn to develop. The giraffe symbolizes being able to respond to tension with tranquility and kindness. The symbolism of the giraffe as your spirit animal seeks to teach you how to rid yourself of unnecessary aggression and learn how to express your assertiveness through calmness.

2. Giraffe as the symbol of leading with sincerity and compassion

If the giraffe is your spirit animal you have the potential to be a high-standing figure in your community, someone that possesses a lot of authority and wisdom, and it is easy for people to look up to you. To bring these traits into your leadership skills, it is best to learn how to remain respectful and sincere in all your endeavors.

3. Giraffe as the symbol of keeping an open heart

The giraffe can also represent keeping an open heart, as well as the distance between your heart and your head. The giraffe is often a symbol of love, meaning that people who share their traits are more likely to lead with their hearts. This means that your emotions, relationships, and natural call to charity are stronger than your call to logic and reason.

4. Giraffe as the symbol of choosing empathy and perspective

As the giraffe symbolizes gaining new perspectives. Never make choices without having carefully evaluated your options and feelings from every possible angle. Reflection and your ability to remain observant are very valuable traits unique to your decision-making process.

5. Giraffe as a symbol of embracing your intuition

Those of you with a giraffe spirit animal tend to have a strong connection to your intuition. It is important to embrace and trust this ability. The giraffe symbolizes a connection with the future and the unknown, due to its ability to see further than most animals. The traits of this beautiful and spiritual creature will continually guide you in the right direction if you embrace its qualities as your own and develop them to their fullest potential.

16 Spiritual Meanings Of Giraffe

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