Finch Symbolism: 11 Spiritual Meanings of Finch

With their beautiful colors and petite, spritely bodies, the finch is a welcomed addition to any garden. Not only do they bring with them a lovely, sweet song, but finches herald in several blessings and positive attributes with their presence.

A finch as a spirit animal can easily you with wisdom, positivity, longevity, and prosperity. Suppose you’re looking at ways to invoke the finches’ power. In that case, we’re going to explore their rich history and cultural significance below:

11 Spiritual Meanings of Finch

Finch Spirit Animal

The role of a spirit animal is to help guide you throughout your life and connect with the world on a deeper level. The finch is a helpful spirit animal because of its natural charm, beauty, and cheery disposition.

It’s no surprise that finches represent happiness. Just seeing them in a garden is often a cause for celebration by gardeners, happy to see this small songbird venture near their home.

Although small, the finch is a bounty of energy and is well up to the task of helping you in times of hardship. The finch remains happy, chirpy, and cheerful without fail and sings its sweet songs relentlessly – no doubt it can boost your mood and keep you in harmony for a long time.

Like other birds, finches are also symbols of freedom. They are carefree and independent, and a finch can change direction at a moment’s notice. Following their example, the finch is a spirit animal that can help you invoke change in your life. Whether it’s a new job, new home, or new way of thinking – the finch can help with the transition.

But as well as flying, the finch has a specific way of flying. They often ‘dance’ to their destinations, twisting and turning for no apparent reason. This movement makes the finch unique and also reinforces them as symbols of fun, harmony, and playfulness.

Finch Totem Animal

A totem animal represents who you are. Quite often, birds represent light-hearted, fun, and caring people. But the finch is a unique bird with some added meaning as totems.

Firstly, finches are strong symbols of adaptability. There are over 200 species of them, found in almost every habitat worldwide. The finch has learned to adapt and survive in all these places. By following their example, you too can think quickly on your feet and adjust to changes in your life accordingly.

Furthermore, with so many different types of finch, they all collectively teach us one thing – variety is the spice of life. The finch is a potent reminder that we must add lots of color to our lives. No doubt, if it’s your totem animal, you enjoy a broad set of hobbies and several different friend groups.

The finch is also a symbol of optimism. Their cheery song is famous worldwide for its sweet melodies. Finches can even copy other birds’ songs. This suggests you enjoy the company of other creatives and share ideas quickly.

You also thrive in situations where you can be upbeat and uplifting to others. As such, you’re entertaining to be around, and people naturally draw to you.

Finch Power Animal

Finch Power Animal

The power animal is almost like your secret weapon. Channeling it in times of need can give you a burst of valuable attributes to overcome obstacles.

The finch is a powerful animal to keep in mind. As a songbird, it exudes creativity and imagination. If you encounter a problem, no doubt the finch has a solution.

Because of their colors and temperament, the finch is also an excellent source of confidence. The finch wants you to stand out from the crowd, and with its help, you will feel comfortable doing so.

Community is vital to finches, who are at their core social birds. They regularly flock together and communicate with other bird species. Some are even known to copy the song of other birds. Invoke the finch to improve your connection with your social circles. It can help bring you out of your shell and build deep, long-lasting relationships with friends.

Finch dreams

The finch almost always brings a smile to people’s faces. But when they appear in dreams, we can sometimes get confusing messages. What exactly do they mean?

Firstly, you need to recognize the species of finch that visited you. Each one can symbolize something different than the other. Below are some finches that often appear in dreams:

  • Canary: often symbols of personal sacrifice and family love, the canary can alert you to incoming danger and protect you.
  • European goldfinch: in Christianity, they’re often used to symbolize Jesus Christ and his resurrection. They are some of the few finches who migrate overseas, indicating the need for change and transition.
  • Melba finches: this desert-dwelling finch symbolizes survival, as it lives in some of the most unforgiving landscapes.
  • Spice finches: these social finches are symbols of cooperation and self-care.
  • Strawberry finches: these bright red-colored finches symbolize true love and passion but can also represent fear, as they only sing when afraid.
  • Star finches: also romantic symbols, star finches famously carry long blades of grass in their mouths during courtship. Perhaps their appearance suggests you’re on the lookout for a new mate?

Next, consider what the finch is doing. Most likely, it is in flight, using its signature ‘dancing’ to go from point A to point B. This symbolizes that life may currently be in flux. This isn’t necessarily bad, as the finch enjoys flapping its wings spontaneously.

However, as with many pet birds, your finch could appear in a cage. Cages limit movement and can feel threatening. Do you feel trapped? Are you being held back over something? Perhaps the finch is showing you something you hadn’t realized before.

Another danger with caged finches is that they often copy the sounds and songs of other birds nearby. Eventually, they forget their own melody. If your cage is crowded and overly noisy – perhaps you’re feeling overlooked or creatively drained by other people in your life.

Finch as an omen

Because they are so widespread, finch encounters can happen every day. They signify good fortune, bringing much-needed vibrancy and color into your life. The Bsymbolic meaning of finch is one of simplicity. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Finches as omens should give you peace of mind. If you’re awaiting some news and are stressed, the finch reminds you to enjoy the small things in life. A pair of finches can also symbolize harmony between your relationships.

Finch symbolism in mythology and cultures

Finch symbolism in mythology and cultures

Because they are found almost everywhere, finches enjoy a rich history in mythology, religions, and cultures. Here are some of the main ones:


The European goldfinch is often used to symbolize the innocence of  Jesus Christ. The bible references how a goldfinch tried to pluck thorns from the crown of thorns on his head as he journeyed to his crucifixion.

Native Americans

Birds are important symbols of the Creator’s power, and their feathers are also a valuable possession to have. Yellow finches, in particular, represented the sun’s power, heat, energy, and life itself.

Ancient Egyptian mythology

Ancient Egyptians often saw finches as spirits of the recently deceased. As the finch flew, people thought they were journeying to the afterlife. If a finch visited a home, it was a good omen that ancestors found peace.

Celtic mythology

Finches were some of the most colorful birds to feature in Celtic myth. Some local species, for example, the goldfinch, have symbolic meanings to their names – ‘lasair choille,’ which means ‘flame of the forest.’

The Irish word for a finch is ‘glasán,’ roots the birds in nature, growth, and the color green. Finches often appeared beside the Goddess Brigid in artwork, symbolizing healing and good fortune.

Greek mythology

In Greek myth, finches symbolize sacrifice, innocence, and freedom. The most popular myth which demonstrates this is the tale of Acanthis.

When her father’s horse attacked and killed her brother Anthus, the gods took pity on the family. They transformed them into birds, with Acanthis transforming into a goldfinch.


Finches, together with a host of various birds, appear in several scriptures and fables in Hinduism. One of the most popular and influential is a fable of two birds; one eats its fill of bitter food for nourishment. The other observes them, only to learn from their experience and gain wisdom.


With its variety of colors, songs, and friendly temperament, the finch is a beautiful animal to have on your side. Full of creativity and individuality, the finch showers us with positive, happy attributes.

Because they are found worldwide, the finch is one of those rare animals to be universally associated with good fortunes, happiness, and joy. Invest time in developing your connection with this tiny bird, and you will soon discover your very own song to life.

11 Spiritual Meanings of Finch

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