Emu Symbolism: 6 Spiritual Meanings of Emu

As the second largest bird in the world, the emu is a strong, confident-looking animal. But with only one species found living in the wild in Australia, it can be a rather unusual animal to appear in your life.

You’re undoubtedly curious about what this bird can mean in your life. But the emu is a potent ally, with several survival instincts and attributes that can aid you in any crisis, including wisdom, stability, and parenthood.

Today, we’re going to explore the significance of the emu in your life. From deciphering its role as a totem and power animal to exploring its rich history in Abordingal mythology, we’re here to help you understand its symbolism better.

6 Spiritual Meanings of Emu

Emu Spirit Animal

People who have the emu as a spirit animal are wanderers by nature. Like its distant cousin, the ostrich, the emu is flightless but has strong legs that take it on incredible daily journeys to foraging various food sources.

Rather than be disadvantaged by its wings, the emu defies all expectations and thrives in its unique way. As such, the emu is a resourceful spirit animal and can teach you how to make the best of any situation.

The emu signifies we should focus on what we can do and not what we can’t. Put one step forward, and take small steps – you will always reach your goal. Regret is pointless for the emu – it can help you think more positively about your situation.

Throughout history, Australian people had great reverence for emu medicine. Emu oil was often used to treat wounds and moisturize skin. From this, we know the emu is a strong healer and warrior animal guide who will protect you at all costs.

The emu may appear quite dull in color, but the colors found in its feathers are all solid collectively. With shades of brown, black, and grey, the emu is a core symbol of stability, self-control, harmony, and connection to the earth.

Finally, like other animals with strong feet, the emu is a master at staying grounded. Stick to your guns during an argument and stay true to your heart – the emu will remain by your side. That said, there is a danger here – the emu can appear stubborn sometimes, a weakness you must consider.

Emu Totem Animal

Your totem animal is a sign of who you are as a person. The emu totem shows that you are a hard-working person built for following a path to success.

The emu is a bird known for its booming voice, which sounds like beating drums. Like the emu, communication is essential to you, and you must always feel heard. You can speak confidently to people, both friends and foes alike.

One of the more unusual aspects of the emu is their mating rituals. Unlike other animals, the females fight for a male partner; some fights can last up to 5 hours and involve kicking and thrashing their opponents. Like the emu, you may be a passionate person who knows who or what they like – and will go to great lengths to get them.

If the emu is your spirit totem, you may be restless, especially at night. The emu in the wilderness never indeed enters a deep sleep. They wake up several times throughout the night for fear of predators.

But funnily enough, there aren’t that many predators for the emu to be so worried about. Perhaps the emu is telling you not to let your guard down? Remain vigilant and expect the unexpected on your travels.

Emu Power Animal

Emu Power Animal

A power animal can be invoked to give you unique attributes you may need in trying times. Sometimes this can happen naturally (like in a dream or seeing an animal in person) or can be invoked through music, art, and meditation.

The emu is an uncommon animal to appear in your life randomly, as it is limited in the wild to just Australia. But if it does, it is all the more significant symbol to observe.

The emu is, first and foremost, a symbol of survival. They are known to go for weeks without food or water and can stockpile and reserve their energy effectively. Like the emu, you are built as a marathon runner. Invoke its power during tough times, and the emu will help you go the distance, increasing your stamina.

As one of the largest flightless birds, the emu is a master in adaptability and excellence. Rather than fall victim to their wings, they channel that strength into their solid legs, long neck, and strong beak. They excel in what they can do and never focus on what they cannot.

When faced with challenges, the emu asks you to think creatively ‘on your feet’ about problems. You may feel at a disadvantage, but the emu certainly doesn’t think it’s all over yet. Every cloud has a silver lining, and every opportunity is a gift.

Invoking the spirit of the emu can channel your inner fighter. Suppose you are attracted to someone or want to take your relationship to the next level. In that case, the emu will give you all the confidence needed to follow through.

The emu can also be a powerful reminder to single parenting, as they go through considerable hardship to care for their emu chicks. The male emu is one of the best parents in the animal kingdom and often denies himself food and water to care for his brood. Expecting dads can often draw immense strength from the male emu, whose fasting costs him significantly during fatherhood.

Emu in dreams

Birds have always been a strong symbol in the dreamscape. They often represent a free spirit who breaks free from physical restraints and sora into the sky. And yet, the emu is a flightless bird; its meaning can be entirely different.

Examine what the emu is doing in your dream. As a wanderer, the emu will travel long distances to forage during the day and rest at night. The emu remains grounded and asks you to be realistic in your life decisions.

Perhaps though, this is a sign of a restless mind? The emu never enters a deep sleep. Is it time for you to take a break and recharge yourself?

Focusing on their feet, an emu dancing could symbolize your love life needs a change. As a mating ritual, this symbol may well be an invitation to find new kinship or settle down with a new partner.

We often dream of birds in nests, caring for their young. The emu makes its nest on open ground, where the bird has a full view of approaching predators. This symbol may ask you to keep a watchful eye over your home and family for potential dangers.

Finally, the emu is a potent symbol for single parents. A single emu with their brood can be a very personal image in your life. Perhaps you are feeling out of your in-depth or lonely – the picture of a solitary emu parent can comfort you that the sacrifices you are making are worth it.

Emu as an omen

Emu as an omen

It may be rare for an emu to appear as an omen, but if this is the case, they usually are a sign you need change. The emu is against stagnation and resting on your laurels; it’s time to pick up and move.

Another omen that may stem from an emu sighting is solitary. Emu only mates and stays together briefly during the breeding season; afterward, the emu is its own company.

This may suit you if you are perfectly aligned with the emu’s way of life. But perhaps the omen is a warning that you may be heading down a lonely path, all on your own.

Emu in Myths

As the emu is only found in Australia, it has not appeared in many cultures or mythologies. The bird plays a pivotal role in the Australian culture, mainly Aboriginal mythology.

The emu in Aboriginal mythology

Dreamtime stories were created so Aboriginal peoples could understand more about their world. One of the most popular and reinforces the emu as a symbol of justice and retribution is the Dinewan the Emu and Goomble-Gubbon the Plain Turkey.

In short, the emu was king of all birds and could fly the highest and the fastest. Tired and jealous of the emu’s reign, the wild turkey devised a cunning plan to overthrow the emu.

The turkey tricked the emu into thinking birds didn’t need wings to fly and for them to cut them off to prove their power. The now flightless emu promised revenge and, in turn, tricked Turkey into only laying two eggs in a season.


The emu is a loyal and dependable spirit animal. It is a fantastic creature to have a personal connection with. Its rich mythology in Aboriginal stories has cemented it as a symbol of heritage and pride in Australia.

A person who encounters the emu can expect a vast improvement in stability, confidence, and wisdom. The emu teaches you how to remain calm and optimistic and work with what you’ve got in life to succeed.

6 Spiritual Meanings of Emu

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