Centipede Symbolism: 23 Spiritual Meanings Of Centipede

A centipede is an arthropod with many pairs of legs. Based on one of the new google books called Centipede Envenomation, a single centipede may contain 15 to 200 segments and each segment has one per leg.

With these huge numbers, centipedes may symbolize firmness. These tiny creatures serve as a reminder for you to move forward and search for your passion. Be yourself and keep your faith to achieve your goals. 

Generally, centipedes are considered toxic. But, centipedes mean getting rid of your toxic emotions so that you can live a fuller life.

23 Spiritual Meanings Of Centipede

Centipede Spiritual Meanings

Centipedes represent many things. When you get to see them, you may feel terrified but it is interesting to know that these creatures are about to impart messages to you.

1. Balance

Centipede means balance. Although some species of these insects have no eyes, they can use their senses to crawl, balance their movement, and locate their prey.

Moreover, you can usually consider centipedes as slow-moving insects because you can catch them easily like millipedes, but did you know that when they catch their prey using their antennae, they use their balance to move fast? According to a study from the USA, centipedes can move up to 1.3 feet per second!

Also, centipedes with eyes usually work at night. Although they move in the dark, again, they use their balance to move smoothly.

2. Courage and fear

When you get to see a centipede, you would fear them at first. Without knowing that these insects are venomous, you might disgust them because of how they look or because you are scared of how painful their bites are.

However, when you think that you can overcome these insects, you acquire courage for the rest of your lives.

3. Overthinking

There is this phenomenon called “The Centipede’s Dilemma” and this one is about anxieties and overthinking. This means that centipedes can symbolize your unconscious manner of overthinking which leads to failure and unproductiveness.

4. Resourcefulness

If you are looking for one of the most resourceful animals, you can always count on centipedes. These animals, usually found in warm places inside your homes, are capable of surviving in a variety of conditions.

Although they like warmer conditions, they can adapt to colder areas of the world. 

5. Creativity

Centipedes are very creative just like how they were made. They come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and features. Even when these animals are in trouble, they can still be very creative.

6. Good luck and bad luck

Centipedes also mean good luck and wealth. That is why some people believe that killing them makes you shoo away good fortune and great serendipities. Based on the book The Final Transition, these animals also symbolize longevity.

Meaning of a Centipede Dream

Meaning of a Centipede Dream

When a centipede or centi appears in your dreams, this animal is trying to tell you something you should be aware of.

1. Killing of a centipede in dreams

It is common to dream of killing a centipede in your dreams, especially because that is what you usually do when you see a vermin in real life.

When you dream of this, it means that you are getting rid of some negativities in your life. These negativities might be dissatisfactions, frustrations, damaged relationships, and unfulfilled plans. 

Killing a centipede also means you should be dumping these negativities as soon as possible as they are already preventing you from fulfilling your goals.

2. Centipedes from afar

Dreaming of centipedes from afar may come in two meanings. The first one is that someone might be treating you badly and the second one means you should get rid of someone from your life as soon as possible.

In life, you already know how the person you are entertaining or will entertain affects your future. If you are looking for a sign to stop communicating with a rivalry, dreaming of a centipede from afar might be it.

Remember, centipedes are signs of both good luck and bad luck. Thus, if a centipede is far from you, it might symbolize the latter.

3. A centipede moving fast

Dreaming of a fast-moving centipede is a positive sign. A fast-moving one means it knows balance. Dreaming of it means that you are living a balanced life. Thus, you are on your way to your goals while enjoying the little things.

Usually, dreaming of these centipedes is associated with careers. Remember, you are in control of your future.

4. A centipede moving slowly

A slow-moving centipede means difficulties in life. When you dream of this one, it is a sign that you are having trouble achieving your goals. There are many factors why you may be struggling now but it is up to you how you will handle them.

When you feel struggling, tackle the problems as soon as possible. You may want to move step by step as well. Remember, dreaming of a slow-moving centipede may symbolize being careful and wise when it comes to your decisions.

5. Centipedes in bed

Dreaming of a centipede in bed might be a nightmare for everyone. When it comes to its symbolism, dreaming of these animals may send you a message about the people who are trying to take advantage of you.

Just like how you want to avoid these centipedes on your bed, you might also want to get rid of these people.

6. A centipede burrowing underground

If you dream of a centipede building a tunnel, this could mean something is being hidden from you, and discovering this hidden thing will give a big change in your life. Dreaming of a centipede burrowing underground also means being cautious and always staying on guard as you are most at risk of harm.

According to some experts, dreaming of this means you should avoid a conflict that may come in the future. This conflict would not only upset you but may upset others as well. Eventually, this can lead to worse relationships.

7. Dead centipedes

Dreaming of dead centipedes does not mean death. Instead, it means transformation and change. When you dream of it, you are avoiding the possible changes that may occur in your life. 

It also means you are anxious about going out of your comfort zone because you are afraid of new beginnings such as meeting new people, not being able to handle new environments, and the like.

However, you should remember that dreaming of dead centipedes means encouragement to grow spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually.

Global Meanings of Centipedes

Global Meanings of Centipedes

Based on the book The Centipedes and Millipedes of Southern Africa, centipedes was derived from the Latin word “centi-pedere” and these animals belong in the class Myriapoda. Different countries, especially Asian cultures, have different beliefs when it comes to centipedes, and in this section, we will discuss how some countries take these tiny animals.

1. Ancient Egypt

In Egypt, there is this centipede named the god Sepa. Nowadays, this is referred to as the “centipede of Horus”. Ancient Egyptians noticed that insects usually feed on corpses except for the centipedes.

They also noticed that centipedes prevent venomous attacks from creatures like serpents. Because of this, they considered these tiny animals as protectors of the dead.

Additionally, in Egypt, these centipedes are associated with fertility. According to a study from the United Kingdom, centipedes improve the fertility of the soil.

2. Ancient China and Korea

In China, people consider centipedes as animals with healing properties. Ancient Chinese believe that they have medicinal powers. Those with skin infections will only have to place a red-headed centipede on the affected skin and everything will eventually be healed.

In China, there is this ancient Chinese Five Poison. Together with snakes, toads, spiders, and scorpions, centipedes are hazardous animals as their venoms are poisonous to humans.

Aside from medicine, centipedes are also referred to in Feng Shui and martial arts as a symbol of good luck.

Furthermore, this goes the same in Korea. In Korean medicine, centipedes are used to treat sores and back pain. However, these tiny animals are roasted first and will then be pulverized. 

In Korea, centipedes are also considered “money bugs”.

3. Japanese Myths

In Japanese mythology, there is this giant, supernatural monster centipede named Omukade. This centipede was the messenger of the god Bishamonten and was believed to have the power to eat humans and dragons.

Omukade dwells in the mountains and its weakness is human saliva. One time in the 10th century, a hero named Hidesato ventured into the mountains and was attacked by Omukade.

Hidesato shot this giant centipede with two arrows but it showed no effects. On his third arrow, he decided to moisten it with his saliva, and eventually, Omukade died.

4. Centipede Celtic Symbolism

In Celtic folks, centipedes symbolize consciousness, wisdom, and introspection. Sometimes, they also symbolize death because of the Irish Banshee. Irish Banshee is a woman surrounded by creepy crawlers including centipedes which is why she is thought to be the announcer of death.

5. African Folklore

In Africa, these animals, most especially the giant African millipedes, are kept as pets. They symbolize immortality, good luck, and joy. In this country, centipedes feed on rotten leaves and tree logs. These animals continue this feeding cycle as people taught them that they would never die.

6. Centipede and Christianity

In religion, specifically Christianity, big centipedes represent sin, evil, death, and the underworld. Because of a centipede’s venom, this animal is also connected with witchcraft, hell, or purgatory. In the Medieval manuscript, these animals represent a hellish Christian reputation.

Centipede Spirit Animal

Centipede Spirit Animal

Individuals with this spirit animal mean they are in balance, moderation, healthy, and efficient. They are level-headed and come with good judgment. They are inclined to financial success and are talented at attracting wealth.

However, greediness and laziness can prevent them from acquiring these. If you feel that you are becoming greedy and already doing things that are not right just to earn money, call this spirit animal to help you walk on the right path.

Doing this will not only attract well but positive relationships related to financial stability as well.

Furthermore, people with a centipede spirit animal are natural protectors, especially for the vulnerable and sensitive. If you know you are right, people who are doing wrong things consider you an enemy.

When you feel attacked, you tend to curl up. Although this is somehow a positive trait, remember to stand up and ask for help so that you will not struggle alone.

As centipedes with a number of legs, those with this spirit animal can multitask. Some people say that athletes and dancers have great coordination, thus, they have this spirit animal inside them.

Centipede Totem Animal

Those with a centipede totem animal can live their life easily and with grace. Although they are late bloomers, they tend to bloom differently in time.

If you have this totem animal, you are calm and focused. Although you have all the skills and abilities, you tend to be shy and reclusive.

Centipede Power Animal

If you are an excellent parent, it is most likely that you have this power animal. You are a great provider and protector of your kids, especially when they need you the most. However, you may have these characteristics of bad-mouthing and back-stabbing others to prove that you are greater and better.

When you need guidance, especially when it comes to parenting your kids, you can call this power animal to help you unleash your capabilities during times of crisis.

Meaning of Centipede Tattoo

The meaning of a centipede tattoo depends on how you view it. Although these animals are creepy, centipede tattoos promote positivity.

Having these animals tattooed on your body means protection, longevity, healing, and growth. Sometimes, they represent memories from your loved ones who passed away. If you get a centipede tattooed on your body, it means good things are about to be bound.

Final Thoughts

Centipedes are both symbols of positivity and negativity. Depending on your upbringing, how you handle them varies. 

For some people killing them means bad luck. On the other hand, getting rid of these animals is a good sign.

Generally, centipede means balance and if you feel like losing yours, call this spirit animal to help you get back on track.

23 Spiritual Meanings Of Centipede

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