Swan Symbolism

15 Spiritual Meanings Of Swan

The white swan has for a long time been the symbol of purity, beauty, and elegance. There have been multiple portrayals of the attached qualities to the bird, showcasing deeper

condor symbolism

10 Spiritual Meanings of Condor

Two species of vultures are called condors and are seen as the king of birds in the New World. Even if you don’t know anything about the deep significance of

Giraffe Symbolism

16 Spiritual Meanings Of Giraffe

The giraffe is an animal mostly connected to the wildness and exoticness of nature. For some, this animal’s symbolism holds great importance in their faith, as it is used in

fly symbolism

11 Spiritual Meanings of Fly

The symbolism attached to the fly is distasteful and harmful. The fly is often connected to negativity, lurking danger, gossip, and mostly everything terrible. Although many view these insects as

bird symbolism

10 Spiritual Meanings of Bird

You would hardly find a culture, belief system, or tradition that doesn’t include any type of bird. Nearly every human group connected birds to various aspects of life, from death

chicken symbolism

9 Spiritual Meanings of Chicken

Chickens are native to Southeast Asia and were first domesticated about 8,000 years ago. Quickly after, chickens were brought to nearly every single corner of the planet. Eventually, this bird

kinglet symbolism

6 Spiritual Meanings of Kinglet

Kinglet is a small bird famous for its colored crown on top of the head and constant snapping of its wings, which might look like a display of nervous behavior

elephant symbolism

18 Spiritual Meanings Of Elephant

Elephants are commonly seen in Africa and Asia. Many people around the world come with devotional beliefs about these animals. Just like how big they are, elephants teach us many

spider symbolism

30 Spiritual Meaning of Spider

Many of us have this fear of spiders which is why when we see them, our reactions become intense! But, did you know that these little creatures signify something relevant