Cat Symbolism: 19 Spiritual Meanings Of Cat

The symbol of the cat is one of the widest in variety. It has deep connections to the underworld, death, and the spirit realm, as well as being a good sign, symbolizing things like power and strength. Some ancient communities saw cats in a god-like light, while others believed that cats were able to communicate with the dead.

Cats were also popular creatures in different lore. For example, the Norse Goddess of love, Freya would ride a chariot pulled by two cats. In most modern societies, they are symbols of curiosity and independence.

Cat symbolism also strongly depends on the color of the cat. Many cultures assign symbolism to the cat mostly based on its color.

19 Spiritual Meanings Of Cat

Symbolization of the cat

Whether we attach the symbolism of the cat to our waking life or our dreams, storytelling is the main focus point in passing on the deeper meanings of symbolism. For centuries this has been a way of survival for cultures, and the connection and beliefs we form around the symbolism of animals can sometimes be the reason behind long-standing traditions and practices.

The symbolism of the cat is a very different one, as many cultures have very opposing views on the symbolism of this one animal.

1. Cat as a Symbol of Bad Luck

One of the more famous symbolism attached to the cat is that of bad luck. This is especially true for black cats. Many times a black cat crossing your path or appearing in a dream is a bad omen, one that speaks of ill luck and sometimes even evil spirits. This symbolization was attached to the black cat in earlier years due to its connection with myths surrounding witchcraft and mystery. Nowadays, this is seen as an old superstition, and black cats are loved by many!

2. Cat as a Symbol of Good Luck

Cat symbolism is also closely tied to good luck. This stems from the common saying that a cat has nine lives. They can be seen as bringers of good luck and prosperity. If they appear or are drawn to you, you are said to be a naturally lucky person who attracts good fortune!

3. Cat as a Symbol of Magic

Cat symbolism has a long and strong connection to magic. They were often the companions of spiritual leaders and shamans in the olden days. Cats symbolize the unknown and mystical realms due to being nocturnal beings. Cats were later known to be symbols of the witch and seen as truthful companions to women who practiced witchcraft, as well as the symbol of certain deities. This was one of the less kind symbols given to the cat, due to society’s fear of witches brought onto many countries using significant religions like Christianity.

Cat as a Symbol of Magic

4. Cat as a Symbol of Protection

Many cultures consider the cat to be a symbol of protection. One of the cultures that attributed this symbol to cats was ancient Egypt.

The connection between cats and protection is strongly rooted in their bravery and devotion to protecting those they love. This is a side of cats mostly noticed by their owners and close companions.

Other cultures believe the cat was a deterrent for evil spirits, because of their connection to the afterlife, they were the only set of eyes that could spot them.

5. Cat as a Symbol of Independence

The cat’s strong symbolism of independence is ancient. It was seen as an animal that was willing to take care of itself and was, therefore, the perfect companion for many who wished to have its other traits, such as protection. While other animals often grew restless and would crave hours of attention, the cat was able to entertain itself, and remained so independent in most households, that it would only seek out interaction when it suited them.

This made the cat a symbol of independence and freedom.

6. Cat as a Symbol of Comfort

Because cats are nocturnal, they are professional sleepers during the daytime. This has caused strong symbolism of comfortability to attach itself to the cat. Many people believe it is impossible to be around a sleepy cat without feeling some sense of comfort and calmness within yourself. Cats are also known to purr when they are comfortable, which some studies have shown, is able to bring down the heart rate of a human. It is the perfect symbolism of the cat that they are closely associated with relaxation, calmness, and comfort.

Cat Symbolism in Dreams

Cat Symbolism in Dreams

1. What does it mean to dream about a white cat?

Dreaming about a white cat is generally a good sign. This symbolizes good luck and fortune coming your way. The white cat is also a sign of purity and a childlike spirit. This may symbolize the importance of having a child-like approach to certain situations and keeping a pure heart. This in turn will bring you the luck you need.

2. What does it mean to dream about a black cat?

  • Symbol of Bad Energy

The black cat is often a symbol of bad energy, bad luck, and deceit. It is common for dreams of this sort to be pointing to deception by someone you are close to. The black cat can also symbolize that a period of bad luck is going to enter your life and that you need to be observant of who you surround yourself with since they might not have your best interest at heart.

  • Symbol of Spirits

Cats in general are often a symbol of having a connection to the supernatural. A black cat symbolizes the more sinister and evil parts of the unknown realm, and is in some extreme cases tied to a messenger of death. The symbolism of a black cat in your dream could be telling of an evil presence trying to push itself into your life.

3. What does it mean to dream about a playful cat?

The playful cat in a dream is a symbol of good times, nurture, sensuality, and overall positivity.

The cat symbolism of this dream is almost like a reward for your hard work and a sign that things are about to lighten up in your personal life. Maybe this is the perfect opportunity to spend more time in social situations, meet new people and explore your sensual desires.

A playful cat is a general symbol of positivity and reassurance that your hard work is paying off!

4. What does it mean to dream about an aggressive cat?

  • Symbol of a Warning

An aggressive cat could be a symbol of a warning. Cats will often hiss at you as a warning before attacking. This happens when they feel threatened. This dream could be a warning of a threatening occurrence or situation that’s approaching you without your knowledge. Be aware of new people presenting themselves and being asked to do favors out of the ordinary.

  • Symbol of Ignoring Your Own Needs

Because the cat is a symbol of protection, this dream could also be a sign that you have ignored your own needs for too long.

The cat symbolism of this dream is trying to tell you that it is important to look after yourself and your own desires and to not put people before yourself too often. As this can build resentment in your heart, and make you feel aggressive towards others and yourself.

5. What does it mean to dream about multiple cats?

Dreaming about multiple cats in one space can be a symbol of love and being content.

The cat symbolism of this dream is that both your heart and home are open for love, maybe you are trying to make space for a loved one, a partner, or looking into starting a family of your own.

Multiple cats symbolize a space with good energy and love flowing through it.

Cat Symbolism in Different Cultures

Cat Symbolism in Different Cultures

1. Cat Symbolism in Africa

Cats are closely tied to Ancient Egypt, where cat symbolism was very common and well practiced.

Here, cats were tied to something more divine. The ancient Egyptians believed that cats would keep away bad spirits, and protect their companions from other threats such as dangerous snakes.

Due to their high status within the home, cats were often treated extremely well and dressed in gold jewelry. If your cat passed away, it was common to mummify it and mourn for long periods.

Killing a cat was punishable by law, however many pharaohs and other royalty had been known to have their cats killed in case of their own death so that their beloved creatures could accompany them in the next life.

2. Cat Symbolism in SouthEast Asia

Cat symbolism in Southeast Asia usually tells of good financial luck, happiness, and keeping evil spirits away. The feline is often depicted as small statues that can be placed around the home or on altars to serve their intended purpose. The white cat is known to symbolize bringing good fortune and luck into the home, while the black cat is a symbol of keeping evil spirits away.

3. Cat Symbolism in Native American Culture

Many Native Americans did, and still have prevalent connections to the symbol of the cat.

4. Cat Symbolism of Oglala

The Oglala tribe had strong connections with the symbolism of the cat and witchcraft. It was a common belief that they were a being existing between realms, and had the ability to put curses on people.

5. Cat Symbolism of Pawnee

The Pawnee tribe attributed the symbolism of the cat to stars and the celestial. Here, it was common for them to use the fur of the wildcat to clothe their children with the purpose of guiding celestial blessings their way.

6. Cat Symbolism of Mohave

The Mohave tribe strongly believed that the cat was a symbol of protection and healing. And it was seen as good luck, and a giver of aid during hunting trips.

7. Cat Symbolism in Islam

Cat symbolism in Islam is tied to holiness. The cat symbolizes cleanliness, and more importantly, cleanliness which is a purposeful ritual to the animal.

This is the reason they are allowed to enter homes and mosques.

The cat as your spirit animal

The cat as your spirit animal

1. Cat as a Symbol of You Being Naturally Lucky

The symbol of the cat as your spirit animal is a positive one! This means that you are a naturally lucky person, who is not likely to get into harm’s way often. It also bodes well for those that spend a lot of time around you, since your mere presence can affect any risky or dangerous situation in a positive way. You are seen as a good luck charm by many.

2. Cat as a Symbol of You valuing Your Independence

You are a very loving and caring person but can sometimes come off as unfriendly, rude, or stand-off-ish. This is because you value your alone time and independence. Much like the cat, you do not like to be forced into situations that require your time and energy, unless you have chosen to be there yourself.

You love the freedom that comes with choosing for yourself, what to do with your time and how much of it to spend with loved ones.

3. Cat as a Symbol of You Being Alluring to Others

You might come across as a very sensual being. This, however, is completely natural and nothing that can be taught. The cat often symbolizes sensuality and is a very alluring creature. This is often due to their beautiful features, and their very flexible and smooth movement. The symbol of the cat is very graceful, and so you are likely to possess many of these aesthetically noticeable qualities.

4. Cat as a Symbol of Psychic Abilities and Strong Intuition

Because the cat is such a strong symbol of the supernatural, you are likely to be a naturally spiritual being that possesses strong intuition or psychic abilities. Maybe you are very connected to the occult or have a natural willingness to discover these areas.

Your gut feeling is usually very strong and correct.

In Conclusion

The cat symbolizes the unknown, the mystical, and the supernatural. Because of this, people might perceive you as a mysterious person that seems to have a strong connection to spirituality.

The spiritual meaning of cats is one that is extended across many different forms of mythology, folklore and religions. Its symbolism can be filled with very contradicting interpretations and interesting rich history.

19 Spiritual Meanings Of Cat

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