Bluebird Symbolism: 12 Spiritual Meanings of Bluebird

Whether it is their exciting combination of awe-inspiring colors of feathers or their unique song, it is undeniable that people have been drawn to these fantastic creatures forever.

They have a commanding presence, and it is hard not to notice their bright blue feathers, which stand out in almost any environment, whether a jungle or a treeless plain.

Native to North America, bluebirds are universally accepted as a symbol of happiness, prosperity, and contentment. As such, they are featured in many spheres of artistic expression, including paintings, literature, and music.

12 Spiritual Meanings of Bluebird


Bluebird Symbolism and Meaning

Unlike some other birds, such as ravens which have traditionally ascribed negative associations, the bluebird is the bird of happiness. If you come across this almost magical creature, that is the universe sending you blessings.

Although most of their symbolism is connected to their unique color, other meanings can be ascribed to some behavioral treats.

1. Symbol of Joy and Playfulness

Considered one of the most beautiful birds in North America, they are believed to spread happiness with their presence and their sonorous voice-if you happen to be lucky enough to witness it, enjoy every second of it.

These birds are known for their playful and cheerful nature, and these traits are present in people whose spirit animal is the bluebird. However, they are also carefree, and their presence can be understood as a sign that you should loosen up a little and live in the moment.

Even if, at times, you feel that life has been drained out of you, bluebird is there to remind you that there are always options and that you should be positive in the face of hardships. Problems come and go, but your attitude and outlook stay with you!

2. Symbol of Wisdom and Intelligence

Bluebirds are considered highly intelligent and adaptable creatures, which is why we associate them with wisdom and intelligence. They can live in various habitats, adapt to different environments, and survive.

On a spiritual level, they represent the insight and knowledge that comes from within, a voice of fate or a source of spiritual wisdom. Invoking your inner bluebird means taking charge of your current emotional state which can sometimes be overwhelmed with worries, doubts, and speculations.

3. Symbol of Hope and Optimism

In addition to their numerous symbolism bluebirds as the harbinger of happiness also carry the spiritual meaning of hope and optimism. Why? Well, even when bluebirds are faced with limited food sources, they still manage to sign cheerfully.

So, if you are faced with a tough choice or find yourself in an unpleasant situation, always remember to stay positive! Although being positive may not solve your problem, it will clear your mind and set the stage for potential resolutions.

Bluebird is your sign that even the most complex issues have a solution and that it is crucial that you hold on to that conviction of better tomorrow and positivity.

4. Spiritual Messenger

This meaning is believed to be rooted in religion and connected with angels, who often acted as God’s messengers. Adhering to that symbolism, bluebirds are seen as messengers of the spirit world.

If a bluebird sings in your presence, many take this as a sign of spiritual or divine intervention, and that is why you should always listen to it and seek hidden clues. However, it can also be interpreted as direction and guidance sent from the universe, reassuring us in our choices or directing us to others.

People today are often consumed by their chaotic and overwhelming lifestyle, which prevents them from looking beyond the horizon and seeing the complete picture. As a result, many tend to stay in the same place, afraid of the change or the future.

The bluebird symbolizes rebirth, which is a form of transformation. This also tells you that change is a part of life and that you should always be ready to accept new and different phases of your life.

It might not be clear to you instantly, but bluebird has its ways and forms of bringing the intended message to its chosen one. But, most importantly, bluebird indicates new opportunities that should certainly not be overlooked.

Bluebird Spirit Animal

Do you see and hear bluebirds often? Well, this might be an indicator that a bluebird is your spirit animal. If that is the case, you are probably the person who likes to make everyone comfortable and takes care of other people’s feelings and energy.

Generally, people whose spirit animal is the bluebird take many of its symbolic features such as positive attitude, cheerfulness, and optimism. In addition, these people are grounded, highly friendly, and amicable, just like many species of bluebirds. Fun fact- these birds are very sociable and gregarious, and at times flocks of 100 or more bluebirds will gather. People connected to their bluebird spirit animal are also gentle, expressive, honest, and usually good companions.

Talking of professional life, they are not always career-oriented and usually work and live based on their intuition and ‘hunch.’ Their primary goal is to lead a happy life and to find content in the working space, regardless of the job’s financial sustainability.

This does not mean that they have poor work performance but instead tells you what their priorities in life are. Being in a relationship with a person whose spirit animal is a bluebird is said to be magical- they are very romantic, passionate, loyal, and monogamous.

It would not be unordinary to see them going out of their way to prove their love or devotion to their special someone.

Bluebird Totem Animal

Bluebird Totem Animal

The Bluebird totem animal embodies many of its symbolic features, translating into various qualities in people whose totem animal is the bluebird. For example, those born with a bluebird totem animal enjoy stability and solid foundations.

Although they are not afraid of change, they prefer stability as means to transform their dreams into reality. Therefore, change is an inadmissible part of the life cycle, like life and death.

They have unique and inviting charisma, making the encounter with these people a positive interaction. Their optimism is infectious, and just like the magical song of bluebirds, their words move something within, which makes them very easy to connect to.

Bluebird Totem Animal can also serve as a reminder to those who have derailed off their path or are oblivious to some happenings in their life. The totem’s spirits are there to teach and direct your attention to positivity, which should be your priority.

Sometimes personal satisfaction is come in different forms, sharing your wealth, advice, or company.

Bluebirds in Native American Culture

Fascination with these creatures and their presence seems to be a global phenomenon as many cultures worldwide have ascribed various meanings and interpreted their sightings in different connotations.

Bluebirds are a species of thrush native to North America, which explains why many Native American tribes acknowledged bluebirds and tied various meanings to them.

1. Pima and Cochiti Tribe

Pima and Cochiti Tribe

For example, for Pima Indians, known as “River People”, bluebirds symbolize growth, change, and transformation or transition from a place of negative energy to positivity.

This colorful creature is commonly featured in their folktales; the most famous is “Blue Bird and Coyote“. In the story, the bluebirds are a powerful sign of transformation, explaining how certain things came to be, such as the colors of the blue bird’s feather and coyote’s hair.

Initially, the bluebird was an ugly bird, but it bathed in the magical lake without hesitation and fear and was rewarded the beautiful blue feathers. To many, the transformation in the story does not pertain to physical change but rather a mental one; the bluebird gained a positive insight and outlook on the world.

On the other hand, the Cochiti tribe associated blue birds with the Sun. In their folklore, “The Sun’s Children” tells the tale of Sun’s firstborn named Blue Bird.

If you are wondering why, the Cochiti people believed that bluebirds were linked to the solar system because they usually sang in the sunrise, waking up the inhabitants and letting them know that the day had commenced.

2. Iroquois, Navajo, and Cherokee Tribe

Iroquois and the Navajo tribes perceived the bluebirds as a sign of fertility, good luck, and fortune. It is believed that this interpretation stems from the fact that bluebirds are very frequent during the spring season when nature awakens and the cycle begins.

To the Iroquois tribe, bluebirds signaled growth and rebirth. Due to their eye-catching color, they believed that bluebirds served as a defender or protector against evil spirits tied to the winter season.

On the other hand, Cherokees associated them with the element of wind and believed that they controlled the weather.

Bluebirds in European Folklore

Bluebirds in European Folklore

Europeans were not less impressed by the elegant and sensational bird, often featured in many folktales and fairytales. So fascinating is the 17th-century French tale entitled “The Blue Bird” by Madame d’Aulnoy.

In the story, two lovers are prevented from being together, and Prince Charming is turned into a bluebird by the evil queen Mozilla. Prince Charming, now a bluebird, visits his love, locked in a tower, brings her jewelry, and consoles her with its company.

In many European folktales, the bluebird is a happy omen, a sign of hope and guidance, including the Russian fairy tale “Blue Bird,” originating at the end of the 19th century, and the eponymous folk song.

It is interesting to note how different cultures separated by thousands of miles ascribed similar meanings to these birds. Some believe this is connected with the color blue, which signifies freedom, open spaces, intuition, and modesty, generally positive associations.

Without a doubt, they have a unique energy and people, regardless of their location, resonate with it on a spiritual level.

Bluebirds in Chinese Folklore

In China, the symbolism of the bluebird is associated with the queen goddess of the West Xi Wangmu, one of the ancient and most powerful deities. According to their legends, the goddess protected single women such as priestesses and nuns.

Furthermore, bluebirds and other colorful birds were believed to be servants and messengers of Xi Wangmu, whose name “Mother of the West” traces back to the Shang Dynasty oracle inscriptions.

What does the bluebird symbolize in Christianity?

In Christianity, bluebirds are seen as messengers from the spiritual realm and angels in disguise. Why? Well, consider the depiction of angels in medieval paintings- they were usually portrayed as humans with bird-like wings.

Given that angels are divine creatures from heaven, poised with grace and beauty, it is not surprising that the attention-grabbing bluebird was acknowledged as an angelic presence or guardian angel that is usually there to guide or protect you.

Furthermore, bluebirds are present in medieval art and are usually painted in the company of angels. They utilize the role of the spiritual messenger probably due to their fantastic navigation skills, and they are known to find their way home even if they get disoriented and lost.

Some say that angels take the form of a bluebird and appear to humans to carry a message and bring happiness and hope. If you happen to see one, you must open your mind and listen to the bluebird’s song, which will guide you on your path to luck and renewed hope.

Bluebirds in Dreams

Bluebirds in Dreams

If you often dream of bluebirds and wonder what it could mean and whether it carries some spiritual significance, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Unlike the symbolism of many other birds, which usually relates to their specific habits, the meaning of bluebirds is tied to the colors of their feathers.

Dreaming of a bluebird or bluebird feather is usually an indication that something positive will come your way or a struggle that is nagging you will resolve itself. As a widely-accepted harbinger of luck and fortune, seeing a bluebird in your dream might be understood as spiritual guidance.

So, suppose you are in a place of indecisiveness and cannot decide whether to pursue something. In that case, the presence of a bluebird in your dream is the sign of confirmation and precipice of a potentially wonderful experience headed your way.

Given that bluebirds are present in Christianity and the Bible, many believe that encountering this magnificent creature in the subconscious world is a form of God’s intervention.

Generally, seeing a bluebird has predominantly positive connotations associated with renewal or rebirth. However, it largely depends on understanding the dream’s context and the bluebird’s role.


If you come across a bluebird, that is your lucky day! In the far-flung lands of the Earth, there is not a single negative connotation tied to this bird (unless it is dead), and it signifies rebirth, renewal, fertility, happiness, good fortune, loyalty, honesty, and many other positive notions.

The symbolism of the bluebird is so strong and transcending that even today, many artists and singers use it to embody some form of joy, such as Miranda Lambert or even Harry Styles. Any questions or comments are welcome!

12 Spiritual Meanings of Bluebird


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